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Asbestos Settlement

Asbestos Settlement
Asbestos Settlement

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An asbestos settlement is what a victim of an asbestos-related injury is eligible to receive in order to recover damages for their losses. Asbestos-related injuries are caused by exposure to airborne asbestos fibers that are extremely harmful when inhaled or ingested. Dangerous levels of exposure to asbestos can cause serious adverse health consequences.
Asbestos-Caused Illnesses

Asbestosis causes a build up of scar tissue in the lungs that can impede normal lung functioning leading to disability and even death. This disease can remain latent for 15 to 30 years. Cancers of the lungs, larynx, pancreas, esophagus, kidneys, and colon are also caused by asbestos. Mesothelioma is a rare but deadly form of cancer that is almost exclusively caused by exposure to asbestos. This cancer can remain dormant for years, and once mesothelioma is diagnosed, is almost always fatal.
Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos has been used to manufacture a wide variety of products for hundreds of years. Though the deadly effects of exposure have been well understood for years, some organizations still choose to put their employees at risk and several structures still harbor asbestos related materials. Over 1.3 million workers in the factory, shipyard, construction, building, railroad and automotive industries are exposed to asbestos every year.

The federal government has placed restrictions on the amount of asbestos that a worker can be exposed to in the workplace. The permissible exposure level for asbestos in the workplace, as outlined by OSHA, is 0.1 fibers per cubic centimeter during an eight hour work day, and 1 fiber per cubic centimeter in any thirty minute period. The government has also mandated a variety of health protection measures be taken in order to prevent hazardous exposure to asbestos.

If an organization fails to meet these criteria, they may be placing their employees and their families (as asbestos can be carried home on a worker's clothing) in harm's way. If asbestos related injuries develop as a result of employer or manufacturer negligence, they can be held responsible for damages and be required to compensate victims in an asbestos settlement.
Seeking Compensation for Asbesetos Exposure

A victim of asbestos related injury can seek an asbestos settlement by filing a mesothelioma lawsuit. A qualified asbestos lawyer can help protect and maximize a victim's interest in a case so that they have a greater chance at receiving a fair asbestos settlement. During an asbestos settlement case, the victim is responsible for proving asbestos exposure caused their injuries, the defendant's negligence was responsible, and what damages were caused by the injury. Often times an asbestos settlement will be negotiated with the defendant's insurance agency. It is also important to be aware of any statutes of limitation that apply to how much time you have to file a suit and seek an asbestos settlement.

If you have suffered an asbestos related ailment and wish to learn more about a possible asbestos settlement for your case, please Contact an Asbestos Attorney familiar with mesothelioma and asbestos law.

Asbestos Settlement

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