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Indiana Asbestos Sites

Indiana Asbestos Sites

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Indiana Asbestos Sites

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Indiana is home to a amount of abundant industries that accept been associated with chancy acknowledgment to asbestos. The northwestern bend of the accompaniment is advised a suburb of Chicago Central to the breadth are the city-limits of Gary and La Porte County. Abounding of the animate foundries for companies based in Illinois are amid in Indiana. Like a lot of animate accomplishment areas, accessory businesses accept developed up that are aswell advised abundant industry. In Indiana, these cover auto accomplishment plants and plants that accomplish locations for autos; insulation plants, and articles formed or formed from raw steel.

There are aswell a ample amount of actinic companies in Indiana, plants that are accepted for the use of asbestos articles to accommodate insulation and gaskets for assembly lines. The aforementioned is accurate of the abounding ability plants that accommodate electricity to Indiana. Though it’s a accompaniment generally anticipation of as a awkward Midwestern agronomical anchorage with a chase clue in the middle, it’s in fact automated to a hasty degree.

Asbestos-Caused Illnesses

Many of these businesses grew to abundance during a time if asbestos was not accepted to be a alarming carcinogen, as it is now. Inhalation of asbestos fibers can could could cause scarring of the lungs in the anatomy of asbestosis, a lung ailment that can prove to be fatal. Asbestos is aswell the alone accepted could could cause of mesothelioma, a anatomy of baleful blight that manifests itself decades afterwards the accommodating is apparent to asbestos. For that reason, abounding of Indiana’s association that formed about asbestos are alone now acquirements of the alarming medical results.

Tens of bags of asbestosis and mesothelioma sufferers accept filed claims for advantage adjoin the companies that acquired their acknowledgment to asbestos. Below is a fractional account of firms in Indiana that are accepted to be locations for abeyant asbestos exposure.

Indiana Asbestos Acknowledgment Jobsites

Anaconda Wire & Cable Anderson, IN

Anderson Municipal Ability Anderson, IN

Container Corp. Anderson, IN

Delco Remy Anderson, IN

General Motors Anderson, IN

Northern Indiana Ability Baileytown, IN

Texas Gas Transmission Bedford, IN

Indiana University Bloomington

Owens Corning Bluffton, IN

Grissom AFB Bunker Hill, IN

Bethlehem Animate Burns Harbor, IN

Midwest Animate Burns Harbor, IN

Indiana Ability & Light Campbells, IN

Container Corp. of America Carthage, IN

Hoosier Energy Cayuga, IN

Indiana Ability & Light Centerton, IN

Dupont Actinic Charlestown, IN

Bethlehem Animate Chesterton, IN

Northern IN Public Svc. Chesterton, IN

Eli Lilly Clinton, IN

Public Svc Co. Indiana Clinton, IN

Cummins Engine Columbus, IN

Philco Ford Connersville, IN

H.H. Robertson Co. Connersville, IN

Olin Matheson Covington, IN

Naval Ammunition Depot Crane, IN

Dana Abundant Water Plant Dana, IN

Municipal Electric Plant Decatur, IN

Indiana Glass Dunkirk, IN

Armstrong Cork Dunkirk, IN

Dupont East Chicago, IN

Harbison Walker Refractories East Chicago, IN

Imperial Electric East Chicago, IN

Indiana Harbor Works East Chicago, IN

Inland Animate Co. East Chicago, IN

Mobil Oil East Chicago, IN

Sinclair Refining Co. East Chicago, IN

Youngstown Sheet & Tube East Chicago, IN

Bethlehem Animate East Gary, IN

Public Service of Indiana Edwardsport, IN

Northwestern University Evanston, IN

Arkala Corp. Evansville, IN

General Foods Evansville, IN

General Insulation & Roofing Co, Evansville, IN

G. Koch & Sones Evansville, IN

Mead Johnson Evansville, IN

Swift & Co. Evansville, IN

Tri-State Refractories Evansville, IN

Valley Packing Co. Evansville, IN

Indiana Michigan Ability Fairbanks, IN

BF Goodrich Fort Wayne, IN

Bentz Metal Articles Inc. Fort Wayne, IN

Close Insulation Co. Fort Wayne, IN

Dana Corp. Fort Wayne, IN

General Electric Fort Wayne, IN

International Harvester Fort Wayne, IN

REA Magnet Wire Co. Fort Wayne, IN

California Packing Co. Frankfort, IN

Frankfort Ability Plant Frankfort, IN

Swift & Company Frankfort, IN

Bethlehem Animate Gary, IN

Coke & Coal Water Pollution Plant Gary, IN

Inland Animate Gary, IN

Interlake Animate Gary, IN

Midwest Animate Gary, IN

Northern Indiana Public Service Gary, IN

Taylor Forge Gary, IN

US Animate Gary, IN

Gibson Ability Plant Gibson, IN

Eli Lilly Greenfield, IN

Alby Asphalt Hammond, IN

Lever Bros. Hammond, IN

Swift & Co. Hammond, IN

Inland Animate Indiana Harbor, IN

Youngstown Sheet & Tube Indiana Harbor, IN

Asbestos Insulation & Roofing Co. Indianapolis, IN

Bryant Accomplishment Indianapolis, IN

Celotex Indianapolis, IN

Commercial & Industrial Insulation Indianapolis, IN

Chrysler Corp. Indianapolis, IN

Falstaff Brewing Indianapolis, IN

Fargo Insulation Co. Indianapolis, IN

Ford Motor Company Indianapolis, IN

General Motors Allison Plant Indianapolis, IN

Great Lakes Foundry Indianapolis, IN

Eli Lilly Indianapolis, IN

Heat Lock Corp. Indianapolis, IN

Indiana University Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Ability & Light Indianapolis, IN

International Harvester Indianapolis, IN

Lapel Glass Indianapolis, IN

Liberty Engineering Indianapolis, IN

Linde Air Articles Indianapolis, IN

Lisco Fabrication Indianapolis, IN

Monon Siding Indianapolis, IN

National Starch & Actinic Indianapolis, IN

Owens Corning Indianapolis, IN

Purdue University Indianapolis, IN

Reilly Tar & Actinic Indianapolis, IN

Rock Island Refinery Indianapolis, IN

Stokely – Van Kamp Indianapolis, IN

Western Electric Indianapolis, IN

Briel Industries Jeffersonville, IN

Colgate Palmolive Jeffersonville, IN

Kendallville Ability & Water Kendallville, IN

Delco Electronics Kokomo, IN

Chrysler Corp. Kokomo, IN

Union Carbide Kokomo, IN

Ellis Chalmers La Porte, IN

Alcoa Aluminum Lafayette, IN

Eli Lilly Lafayette, IN

General Foods Lafayette, IN

Purdue University Lafayette, IN

REA Magnet Wire Co, Lafayette, IN

Snider Sheet Metal Lafayette, IN

Babcock & Wilcox Lawrenceburg, IN

Indiana Michigan Electric Lawrenceburg, IN

Schenley Distillers Lawrenceburg, IN

Seagrams Lawrenceburg, IN

Baker Specialty & Supply Logansport, IN

Logansport Municipal Utilities Logansport, IN

Indiana Ability & Light Madison, IN

Kentucky Indiana Electric Madison, IN

Anaconda Wire & Cable Marion, IN

Essex Wire Corp Marion, IN

Foster Forbes Glass Marion, IN

General Motors Fisher Body Marion, IN

National Can Marion, IN

Paranite Wire & Cable Marion, IN

RCA Marion, IN

Indianapolis Ability & Light Martinsville, IN

Merom Ability Plant Merom, IN

Northern Indian Public Service Michigan City, IN

Neils Science Lab Mishawaka, IN

Valley Insulating Co. Mishawaka, IN

Lehigh Portland Cement Mitchell, IN

RCA Montecello, IN

Babcock & Wilcox Mount Vernon

General Electric Mount Vernon

Texaco Mount Vernon

Ball Accompaniment University Muncie, IN

General Motors Muncie, IN

Kimble Glass Muncie, IN

Owens Illinois Glass Muncie, IN

Pillsbury New Albany, IN

Public Service of Indiana New Albany, IN

Asphalt Material Construction New Augusta, IN

Chrysler Corp. Newcastle, IN

BF Goodrich New Haven, IN

Southern Indiana Gas Newburgh, IN

Alcoa Aluminum Newburgh, IN

Bryan Accomplishment Peru, IN

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Peru, IN

Indiana Michigan Electric Petersburg, IN

Indianapolis Ability & Light Petersburg, IN

Midwestern Gas Transmisssion Petersburg, IN

Bethlehem Animate Portage, IN

Midwest Animate Portage, IN

Sheller Accomplishment Portland, IN

R.J. Oil Princeton, IN

General Electric Princeton, IN

AVCO Accomplishment Princeton, IN

Indiana Michigan Electric Rockport, IN

Talon Accomplishment Seymour, IN

National Veneer Seymour, IN

General Electric Shelbyville, IN

Kraft Foods Sheridan, IN

Bendix Aviation South Bend, IN

Cummins Engine South Bend, IN

Great Lakes Foundry South Bend, IN

Midland Engineering South Bend, IN

Notre Dame University South Bend, IN

Linde Company Speedway, IN

General Telephone Sullivan, IN

Swift & Co. Summitville, IN

Central Nitrogen Inc Terre Haute, IN

Commercial Solvents Terre Haute, IN

Wabash River Ability Plant Terre Haute, IN

Charles Pfizer & Co. Terre Haute, IN

Chemico Terre Haute, IN

Pillsbury Terre Haute, IN

PSI Energy Inc. Terre Haute, IN

Visking Terre Haute, IN

Eltra Corp. Vincennes, IN

American Rock Wool Corp. Wabash, IN

Container Corp of America Wabash, IN

General Tire & Rubber Wabash, IN

Cummins Engine Walesboro, IN

Alcoa Ability Plant Warrick, IN

General Electric Warrick, IN

B&O Railroad Washington, IN

Purdue University West Lafayette, IN

Public Service of Indiana West Terre Haute, IN

Amoco Oil Whiting, IN

Standard Oil Whiting, IN

Carbide & Carbon Actinic Whiting, IN

Union Carbide Whiting, IN

BF Goodrich Woodburn, IN

Alcoa Aluminum Yankeetown, IN

Rock Island Refining Yankeetown, IN

Yankeetown Ability Plant Yankeetown, IN

Mesothelioma and Asbestos Deaths in Indiana

In 2004 a abstraction was completed that analyzed the abstracts accessible on asbestos-related deaths from 1979 through 2001. The abstraction analyzes not alone appear deaths and causes, but estimates what may accept been deaths from cancerous mesothelioma. The federal government did not activate accretion mesothelioma deaths until 1999.

In that year, the amount of absolute deaths was alert the appraisal from 1999. Since then, asbestosis and mesothelioma deaths accept risen steadily to a plateau. The antecedent abstraction shows 140 asbestosis deaths in Indiana over the endure two decades of the 20th century, and has a ambit of mesothelioma deaths that suggests amid 428 and 698 deaths occurred in the state. From 1999 to 2004 the federal government registered 332 mesothelioma deaths in Indiana.

Mesothelioma Analysis in Indiana

The National Blight Institute has developed a arrangement of 41 above blight analysis centers with which they accede and alike analysis efforts. These centers are generally the locales area analytic tests are done to analysis new analysis methods for abounding types of cancer, including mesothelioma cancer. In Indiana, there are two:

Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Blight Center

Indiana Blight Pavilion

535 Barnhill Drive

Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Tel: (317) 278-0070

Fax: (317) 278-0074

Stephen D. Williams, M.D.


Purdue University Blight Center

Hansen Life Sciences Analysis Building

South University Street

West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-1524

Tel: (765) 494-9129

Fax: (765) 494-9193

Timothy L. Ratliff, Ph.D.


Indiana Asbestos Sites

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