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Mississippi Asbestos Sites

Mississippi Asbestos Sites

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Mississippi Asbestos Sites

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Mississippi’s adjacency to the Gulf Bank brought about the addition of several industries during the twentieth aeon that are accepted for their use of asbestos-based products. Oil from adopted rigs is candy in a amount of Mississippi refineries; there are aswell a amount of actinic companies with ample installations in the state. As with any state, ability plants are a acceptable antecedent of asbestos acknowledgment due to the actuality that ample amounts of calefaction are generated by fuel-driven beef plants.

There are aswell shipyards forth Mississippi’s beach and coast. Shipyard workers and address crewmen captivated jobs that around affirmed asbestos exposure, as address engine apartment and aqueduct systems were cloistral with the material. About thirty percent of all U.S. mesothelioma victims are veterans, and abounding of those are above Navy cadre that either sailed or repaired Navy ships congenital afore 1985.

Mississippi aswell has its allotment of cardboard mills, like abounding of the southern states. And again there is the architecture industry, which until the mid 1980s was abounding with asbestos-based products. Not alone home insulation but flooring, beam tiles, beam and accouterments accessories were bogus with asbestos as a basic or were coated with asbestos for careful purposes. Carpenters and plumbers who were architecture during the twentieth aeon are included in the top at-risk job descriptions for mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma & Asbestosis from Asbestos Exposure

Asbestosis and mesothelioma blight are the aftereffect of inhaling asbestos fibers. Because it can yield twenty years or best afterwards asbestos acknowledgment for the affection of mesothelioma to appear, abounding of the victims are men and women who formed in these industries for years and are now retired. Tens of bags of Americans accept been affected; abounding of them accept filed accountability lawsuits adjoin above administration and asbestos manufacturers. Residents of Mississippi accept that advantage as well.

Asbestos Jobsites in Mississippi

Below is a fractional account of Mississippi jobsites that are believed to be accessible locations for asbestos exposure. If you formed in one of them and are now accepting lung problems, acquaintance your doctor immediately. If you accept you accept a case for compensation, amuse argue a Mississippi mesothelioma advocate who will ensure your affirmation is filed and candy with all accessible speed.

Magers and Poole Baldwin, MS

Big M Aluminum Plant Batesville, MS

International Cardboard Company Batesville, MS

Rittners Industrial Enameling Bay St. Louis, MS

Harbison Walker Bay Springs, MS

Coast Shipbuilding Biloxi, MS

American Packing Booneville, MS

Mississippi Ability & Light Cedar, MS

Tennessee Gas Transmission Coffeeville, MS

Hooker Actinic Plant Columbus, MS

Occidental Actinic Corp. Columbus, MS

Southern Aqueduct and Supply Columbus, MS

Buckeye Cellulose Corinth, MS

Kimberly Clark Corinth, MS

Rudolph Wurlitzer Manufacturing Co. Corinth, MS

Southbridge Plastic Articles Co. Corinth, MS

Corning Glass Corning, MS

Dupont Actinic Delisle, MS

Mississippi Ability & Light Escatapawa, MS

ST. Regis Cardboard Co. Ferguson, MS

Georgia-Pacific Corp. Gloster, MS

Mississippi Ability & Light Greenwood, MS

Mid-South Insulation Co. Greenwood, MS

U.S. Gypsum Greenville, MS

Mississippi Ability Co, Gulfport, MS

Associated Piping & Engineering Co. Gulfport, MS

Industrial Steel and Machine Gulfport, MS

Mississippi Ability Co. Gulfport, MS

Reichold Actinic Gulfport, MS

Reichold Actinic Handsboro, MS

Hercules Actinic Co. Hattiesburg, MS

Mississippi Ability Co. Hattiesburg, MS

Wicht Insulation Company Hattiesburg, MS

International Cardboard Co. Hitches, MS

Allied Cardboard Jackson, MS

Mississippi Ability & Light Co. Jackson, MS

Shell Oil Jackson, MS

Veterans Administration Hospital Jackson, MS

Mid-South Insulation Co. Jackson, Ms

Hamilton Manufacturing Co. Kosciusko, MS

International Cardboard Co. Kreole, MS

Continental Turpentine Laurel, MS

Hercules Actinic Co. Laurel, MS

Mason Electric Co. Laurel, MS

Masonite Corp. Laurel, MS

Laurel Compress Co. Laurel,MS

Baseboard Box Co Magnolia, MS

Flintkote Magnolia, MS

Cook Industries Marks, MS

Sun Oil Co. McComb, MS

Flintkote Meridian, MS

Jeff Anderson Bounded Medical Center Meridian, MS

Georgia-Pacific Corp. Monticello, MS

St. Regis Cardboard Monticello, MS

South Mississippi Electric Moselle, MS

Halter Marine Moss Point, MS

H.K. Porter Moss Point, MS

International Cardboard Co. Moss Point, MS

Thiokol/Morton Actinic Moss Point, MS

Armstrong Tire & Rubber Natchez, MS

International Cardboard Co. Natchez, MS

Mississippi Ability & Light Natchez, MS

Mississippi Testing Ability Inc. Nicholson, MS

Bechtel Corp. Pascagoula, MS

Chevron Oil Pascagoula, MS

Clark Seafood Company Pascagoula, MS

Chicago Bridge & Iron Pascagoula, MS

Coastal Actinic Pascagoula, MS

First Actinic Corp. Pascagoula, MS

General Electric Pascagoula, MS

Industrial Steel & Machine Pascagoula, MS

Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp. Pascagoula, MS

L&N Railroad Gulley Warehouse Pascagoula, MS

Litton Shipyard Pascagoula, MS

Mississippi Phosphates Pascagoula, MS

Mississippi Ability Pascagoula, MS

Standard Oil Company Pascagoula, MS

Badham Insulation Company, Inc. Pascagoula, MS

Schaupeter Shipyard Pascagoula, MS

Shook & Fletcher Insulation Co. Pascagoula, MS

Mississippi Ability Co. Petal, MS

Crosby Chemicals, Inc. Picayune, MS

Bechtel Corp. Port Gibson, MS

Amerada Hess Purvis, MS

Gulf Oil Purvis, MS

Hess Oil & Actinic Purvis, MS

Morrow Ability Plant Purvis, MS

Pontiac Refinery Purvis, MS

Southland Oil Refinery Sandersville, MS

Trunkline Gas Co. Shaw, MS

St. Regis Cardboard Silver Creek, MS

Georgia Pacific Corp. Taylorsville, MS

Southern Aqueduct and SUpplyq Tupelo, MS

Transcontinental Pipeline Tylertown, MS

International Cardboard Co. Vicksburg, MS

Mississippi Ability & Light Co. Vicksburg, MS

Southwest Potash Corp. Vicksburg, MS

Day Companies Waynesboro, MS

West Point Works West Point, MS

Babcock & Wilcox Co. West Point, MS

Coastal Actinic Corp. Yazoo City, MS

Mississippi Actinic Corp. Yazoo City, MS

Mesothelioma & Asbestosis Deaths in Mississippi

In 2004 an assay of asbestos-related deaths in this country from 1979 to 2001 was appear based on afterlife certificates appear to the government. According to the estimates of the researchers, Mississippi had 408 deaths due to asbestosis during that period. Aswell during that aeon there were mesothelioma deaths in the ambit of 204 to 363. The inexact abstracts for mesothelioma are due to the anticipation that some lung blight deaths were not attributed to asbestos fibers and should accept been.

In 1999 the federal government began tracking mesothelioma deaths carefully. Between 1999 and the end of 2004 there were one hundred appear deaths from mesothelioma. The beachcomber of asbestos accompanying deaths is not done, however; it is accepted to abide the aforementioned on an anniversary base or access hardly in the abreast future.

Cancer Analysis in Mississippi

Recently the National Blight Institute appointed forty one blight analysis and analysis accessories beyond the country as absolute blight centers that will plan with the Institute on implementing analysis for new blight treatments. These blight centers will serve as assets for analytic trials of new treatments for assorted types of cancer, including mesothelioma. The abutting one to Mississippi is in Alabama :

UAB Absolute Blight Center

University of Alabama at Birmingham

1802 Sixth Avenue South, NP 2555

Birmingham, Alabama 35294-3300

Tel: (205) 934-5077

Fax: (205) 975-7428

There is an accomplished bounded blight ability in Pascagoula, the aboriginal of its affectionate in the state:

Singing River Hospital System

The Bounded Blight Center

2809 Denny Avenue

Pascagoula, MS 39581

Mississippi Asbestos Sites

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