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Advances Made in Asbestos Education

Advances Made in Asbestos Education

Rewritten Article

Advances Fabricated in Asbestos Education

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The Asbestos Disease Acquaintance Alignment (ADAO) afresh appear the barrage of their online Asbestos Video Library (AVL).

The ADAO is an alignment that helps accession acquaintance about the adverse furnishings of asbestos and acts as a articulation for those who accept been victims of asbestos exposure.


The AVL has been set up to accredit victims, Congress, the science community, and all Americans to apprentice added about asbestos treatments and prevention.

The library gives those adversity from asbestos acknowledgment with the adventitious to collaborate with anniversary added as able-bodied as acquaintance mesothelioma specialists.

treatment options and advances getting fabricated in commendations to asbestos analysis will always be amend in the library.

How Will the AVL Help?

“ADAO charcoal committed to preventing baleful asbestos exposures and to the abolishment of these cureless asbestos acquired diseases,” explains Dr. Richard Lemen, Science Advisory Co-Chairman.

The library will awning capacity including:

* Physician contacts

* Asbestos Policies

* Sources of Exposure

* Patient Contacts

* Updated Asbestos Conference Information

“Asbestos apprenticeship will save lives,” says Linda Reinstein, ADAO Executive Director. “We can’t accompany aback our admired ones, but with education, we can additional others from pain.”

(Source: Business Wire)

Have you or anyone you apperceive been the victim of asbestos exposure? If so, amuse acquaintance us today to allege with an accomplished asbestos advocate who will accredit you to accept advantage for any losses you accept endured.

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Advances Made in Asbestos Education

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