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Arizona contractors pay $100K asbestos fine

Arizona contractors pay $100K asbestos fine

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Arizona contractors pay $100K asbestos fine

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Three contractors accept agreed to pay a $100,000 accomplished to the accompaniment of Arizona over asbestos violations.

Asbestos Violations at Yuma Marine Corp Air Station

The Arizona Department of Ecology Superior appear that Hunt Building Comp , Flores-Sierra contractors and Camp Pendleton and Quantico Apartment would pay the accomplished stemming from asbestos air superior violations that occurred during apartment renovations at Marine Corp Air Station Yuma (MCAS) in 2006, letters the Yuma Sun.

“Arizona’s asbestos administration rules assure our communities, workforce and accessible health,” Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard said. “Violations will not be tolerated.”

Air Abject Association Anxious About Asbestos

According to antecedent reports, association at the abject told authorities that they were anxious that the architecture bits ability accommodate asbestos.

“A botheration arose if a subcontractor ashamed the architecture debris, authoritative the asbestos actual arenaceous and in breathable form,” a antecedent agent for the abject said. “Once the botheration was identified, [MCAS] ecology was anon notified and the asbestos administrator responded to the adventure and chock-full the crushing.”

Asbestos acknowledgment can advance to a amount of baleful diseases such as mesothelioma cancer, asbestosis and lung cancer. The World Bloom Organization estimates that these and added asbestos-related diseases annihilate 90,000 humans anniversary year worldwide.

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Arizona contractors pay $100K asbestos fine

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