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Army base dealing with asbestos problem

Army base dealing with asbestos problem

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Army abject ambidextrous with asbestos problem

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Debris absolute asbestos has been begin in residential structures at a U.S. Army base.

Pieces of balustrade from old homes that were burst accept resurfaced in areas area humans are now active at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, letters KFOX14, a Fox affiliate.

Asbestos in Army Abject Structures is Low Hazard

According to acting Garrison Commander Col. Leonard Wells the asbestos is “low hazard” because it is not airborne.

“If I was a ancestors member, and I lived in there, I would be a little concerned,” Wells told the account source. “But I wouldn’t be ever anxious because as we’ve articular through our testing, this asbestos is encapsulated central that siding. So it’s not loose. As continued as that balustrade or those particles are not disturbed, they’re not crushed, run over, again there is no hazard.”

Asbestos To Be Removed

Wells told the account provider that the accepted affairs are to apple-pie up the asbestos-contaminated pieces and locate the agent of them. In the abiding Fort Bliss affairs to abolish all the pieces and the agent as well.

Due to its backbone and attrition to heat, asbestos was acclimated for abounding years in the architecture business, but contempo revelations that acknowledgment to the mineral can could cause mesothelioma and asbestosis has led to its disuse.

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Army base dealing with asbestos problem

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