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Asbestos and Mesothelioma News

Asbestos and Mesothelioma News

Asbestos Law News

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Nation’s better asbestos cleanup betray after-effects in two longest federal bastille sentences for ecology crimes

January 3, 2005

In the longest agreement of imprisonment in U.S. history for a federal ecology crime, ancestor and son owners of asbestos abatement companies in New York State were bedevilled December 23, 2004, in U.S. District Court in Syracuse to 25 years and 19.5 years of imprisonment.

Over the advance of 10 years, from 1990 until 1999, Alex Salvagno, 39, and his ancestor Raul Salvagno, 71, conducted actionable asbestos abatement activities at added than 1,550 accessories throughout New York State, including elementary schools, churches, hospitals, aggressive housing, theatres, cafeterias, the New York State Legislature Office Building, accessible and bartering barrio of all altered types and clandestine residences.

The Salvagnos directed the actionable activities of 500 asbestos workers and class officials. As allotment of the sentencing, Alex Salvagno was ordered to cost $2 actor to the U.S. government and to pay amends to their victims in the bulk of $23 million. Raul Salvagno was ordered to cost $1.7 actor to the U.S. government and to pay amends to their victims in the bulk of $22.8 million.

The Salvagno’s aggregation operated beneath the name of AAR Contractor, Inc., one of the better asbestos abatement companies in New York State. AAR was ordered to cost $2 actor to the U.S. government and to pay amends to their victims in the bulk of $22.8 actor aloft aesthetics for agnate crimes.

Alex Salvagno secretly and illegally co-owned a purportedly absolute laboratory, Analytical Laboratories of Albany, Inc. (ALA). The Salvagnos acclimated ALA to bamboozle victims by creating up to 75,000 affected class assay after-effects acclimated to argue their audience that asbestos had been appropriately removed. Falsified class samples covered up abnormal asbestos abatement projects in elementary schools, churches, hospitals, State Police barracks, the New York Legislative Office Building and added accessible and clandestine barrio and residences.

Instead of afterward the acknowledged requirements for the able abatement and auctioning of asbestos in adjustment to ensure the baneful asbestos fibers were not appear into the environment, the Salvagnos acclimated actionable “rip and run” techniques, which above AAR and ALA advisers testified to. The abnormal approach acquired calm “snow storms,” apropos to the absolution of large, arresting asbestos into the air during the actionable asbestos removal.

Asbestos is accepted to could cause assorted forms of blight and asbestosis, a lung ache that is about consistently fatal. The Ecology Protection Agency has bent there is no safe akin of asbestos exposure, and nationally acclaimed experts testified for the United States at a sentencing audition that a lot of of the 100 affliction apparent above AAR workers are about assertive to arrangement asbestosis, lung cancers and mesothelioma, a attenuate and cureless anatomy of blight that is deadly.

Evidence showed workers were advisedly beatific into asbestos “hot zones” and encouraged to plan illegally after respirators or after acceptable backup filters for the respirators. There are as abounding as 500 AAR and ALA workers at accident for asbestos accompanying illnesses as well. Thirteen highest-level admiral pleaded accusable to ecology crimes above-mentioned to the Salvagno balloon and are currently apprehension sentence.

The aesthetics are the aftereffect of collaborative efforts by the U.S. Ecology Protection Agency, the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Army Bent Investigation Division, the New York State Office of Inspector General and the New York State Departments of Labor and Health. Abettor United States Attorney Craig Benedict led the prosecution.

According to Thomas V. Skinner, EPA’s acting abettor ambassador for Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, “This bent case, and the diffuse bastille sentences imposed, forward a bright message: those who advisedly attempt accessible bloom will be captivated absolutely answerable for their crimes.”

Contact us for added advice on asbestos laws and your acknowledged rights.

Asbestos and Mesothelioma News

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