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Asbestos in French Ship

Asbestos in French Ship

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Asbestos in French Ship

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

“Groups Seek Containment as Address Heads to India”

December 27, 2005

In a acknowledged accomplishment that could accept ramifications worldwide, several French groups are aggravating to stop the abandonment of a French argosy vessel, the Clemenceau, which is headed to India to be torn up. The groups say that the levels of asbestos onboard the address is so chancy that it will betrayal hundreds of Indian address workers to the baleful carcinogen unnecessarily.

Asbestos was broadly acclimated in address making, architecture materials, insulation, and fireproofing until the 1970s if it was apparent to be chancy to people’s health. Asbestos acknowledgment is accepted to could cause a attenuate and awful baleful anatomy of blight alleged mesothelioma. Businesses in the US face billions of dollars in lawsuits as mesothelioma cases due to asbestos acknowledgment increase.

The French address was already a allotment of the 1991 Gulf War but is now decommissioned and traveling to be dismantled in India. Critics of the move say that the altitude of Indian workers and that country’s lax asbestos laws actualize a potentially adverse situation. The rights accumulation “Ban Asbestos” has filed a accusation in Paris, France in adjustment to try to stop the address from traveling to India and endangering the workers there.

The accusation aswell contends that the Clemenceau cannot be absolved from the Bale assemblage of 1989 on the all-embracing addition of alarming waste. The French government is authoritative the altercation that because the address is a warship it is exempt.

The convenance of auctioning ships in India and added third apple countries is cartoon abundant criticism from ecology and application rights groups worldwide.

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Asbestos in French Ship

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