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Asbestos Law News

Asbestos Law News

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Asbestos Law News

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"Jury Awards $10.3 Actor in Asbestos Case "

August 11, 2006

A San Francisco board awarded $10.3 actor in amercement to a 60-year-old man adversity from mesothelioma as a aftereffect of asbestos exposure.

George Barnes, a above fleet shipfitter was awarded $9 actor in non-economic damages, including affliction and suffering, brainy anguish, and more.

He aswell accustomed bread-and-butter amercement accretion added than $1 actor for medical bills, absent accomplishment and earning capacity, and disability. His wife, Darlene Barnes, was awarded $100,000 for the accident of consortium

Jeffrey Kaiser, the Barnes' attorney, said, Mr. Barnes had basically formed for 25 years as a abutment shipfitterHe had a actual nice life, and a nice family, and I anticipate the board accustomed that he's traveling to lose it all.

Thorpe Insulation Co., the alone actor at trial, was accounted amenable for 15 percent of Barnes' abrasion and have to pay $2.3 actor in damages. The Navy, which was Barnes' above employer, and added asbestos manufacturers and distributors were aswell accounted responsible.

According to Kaiser, the accolade is one of the better handed down in an asbestos case in the accompaniment of California.

Injured by asbestos? Contact us today to allege with a able claimed abrasion advocate who will explain your acknowledged rights and options.

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Asbestos Law News

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