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Asbestos Law News

Asbestos Law News

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Asbestos Law News

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Yonkers schools fined by EPA for declining to accede with federal asbestos laws

December 7, 2004

Under the federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, bounded New York apprenticeship authorities back 1986 are appropriate to audit all academy barrio for asbestos damage, advance abatement affairs and accumulate the public, acceptance and agents abreast about asbestos accompanying hazards.

The Environmental Protection Agency fined Yonkers schools $131,000 for declining to accede with the federal asbestos laws beneath a adjustment that will acquiesce them to administer the amends to aliment and training. The EPA said the commune accept to accompany all of its 43 schools into acquiescence with EPA asbestos rules by September 2005.

Asbestos is a mineral cilia that was acclimated frequently as a blaze retardant for insulation, as able-bodied as architecture architecture materials. After workers and families connected to be apparent to asbestos for decades, it was apparent asbestos fibers could be inhaled into the lungs and aftereffect in lung ailments, including lung blight and mesothelioma.

The EPA said in a accounting statement, “Parents, agents and acceptance should be able to focus on apprenticeship and not accept to admiration about altitude in their schools.” Academy Superintendent Angelo Petrone said the 43 Yonkers schools now accept asbestos affairs and letters accessible at anniversary academy for analysis by the public.

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Asbestos Law News

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