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Asbestos Lawsuit

Asbestos Lawsuit

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Asbestos Lawsuit

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"Asbestos Lawsuits Move Into Wider Area"

April 2, 2003

Congress is now debating attached asbestos lawsuits, but juries in New York and Illinois accomplished two of the better asbestos lawsuits. The asbestos lawsuits were allotment of the newest blazon of asbestos lawsuits that accept been filed adjoin companies that never fabricated asbestos but acclimated asbestos in their products. The companies accept been accused of alive the dangers of asbestos but declining to acquaint the workers.

An Illinois ordered United States Steel Corp. to pay $250 actor to a above agent who had been diagnosed with mesothelioma. The aggregation absitively to achieve for $50 million. In New York, a board awarded $47 actor to a above account artisan that had developed mesothelioma afterwards alive in plants endemic by Con Ed and Long Island Lighting.

All forms of asbestos accept been apparent to could cause cancer. If exposed, those individuals accident asbestos-illnesses, including a rare, busted blight alleged mesothelioma.

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Asbestos Lawsuit

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