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Asbestos near proposed water tank site in California city

Asbestos near proposed water tank site in California city

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Asbestos abreast proposed baptize catchbasin website in California city

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

There is asbestos in the clay area a California city-limits is planning to install baptize accumulator tanks, but it is cryptic whether the mineral poses a crisis to the baptize supply.

Resident Brings City-limits Council’s Attention to Asbestos Presence

A citizen of American Canyon, California, told the city-limits board at its endure affair that there was asbestos at the site, extra from an old granite quarry that was nearby. This affirmation was accepted by the city-limits manager, Rich Ramirez, according to the Times-Herald.

Some bounded assembly were afraid at this news.

“I apperceive the bedrock quarry had asbestos that done all over and the contaminants were stored abreast the average academy if they were aboriginal allocation for the top school,” councilwoman and mayoral applicant Cindy Coffey said. “Because the tanks are downhill, I don’t apperceive how they’re traveling to accumulate it from accepting airborne. There’s consistently a affair with accessible toxins.”

Others were added assured about the city’s adeptness to assure its citizens from asbestos exposure.

“I’m abiding they’ll abate it so that it’s not a assurance hazard,” Mayor Leon Garcia said.

Asbestos acknowledgment can could cause a array of baleful illnesses, such as cancerous mesothelioma and asbestosis.

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Asbestos near proposed water tank site in California city

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