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Asbestos Suits Brought Against 105 Companies

Asbestos Suits Brought Against 105 Companies

A chic activity accusation has been filed adjoin 105 companies on account of six families active in Pittsburgh.

The plaintiffs in the apparel include, Ruben J. Erma Birkhimer, Joyce Farley, Max O. Farley and Joseph Hernandez.

Families Sue for Asbestos Exposure

The clothing alleges that the companies are to accusation for the asbestos accompanying diseases that abounding of the plaintiffs and their ancestors associates are now active with.

Among the defendants are processing plants, analysis facilities, and animate companies throughout West Virginia.

One clothing claims that Ruben Birkhimer, who formed as a laborer, account man and barter disciplinarian at Weirton Animate and DuPont Chemical in Weirton, W.Va now has asbestosis and mesothelioma due to his exposure.

Joyce Farley filed the clothing on account of Max O. Farley.

Farley afresh died from asbestosis and lung blight afterwards getting active as a steelworker.

Joseph Fernandez aswell apprenticed asbestosis and lung blight from his plan as an electrician and laborer at Weirton Steel.

The Claims

The apparel accompaniment that the defendants are amenable for the blameworthy afterlife of the workers who accept anesthetized abroad due to their acknowledgment to asbestos while at work.

Plaintiffs are gluttonous accident of accompaniment and accepted casework from the defendants forth with compensatory and castigating damages.

(Source: West Virginia Record)

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Asbestos Suits Brought Against 105 Companies

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