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Asbestos Supervisor Sentenced for Illegal Removal

Asbestos Supervisor Sentenced for Illegal Removal

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Asbestos Ambassador Bedevilled for Illegal Removal

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A man active in New Jersey was afresh bedevilled for illegally removing asbestos aqueduct insulation from a academy in Philadelphia.

The man was reportedly bedevilled to three years probation, including six months of confinement, and fined.

Inspector Violates Asbestos Procedures

Branko Lazaic was the ambassador in allegation at the Mattison Elementary School.

Lazaic and his aggregation were reportedly amenable for removing the asbestos throughout the academy but bootless to do so in accordance with the Clean Air Act.

The accused man allegedly accustomed addition being to administer the asbestos removal, absolutely acquainted that the job would be done inadequately.

Plaintiff Pleads Guilty

Lazaic reportedly pled accusable to the accuse captivated adjoin him.

“Improper abatement of asbestos in schools is alarming and will not be tolerated. EPA will abide to do aggregate in its ability to see that these cases are prosecuted to the fullest admeasurement of the law,” declared Donald S. Welsh, the EPA bounded ambassador for the mid-Atlantic area.

(Source: Axcess News)

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Asbestos Supervisor Sentenced for Illegal Removal

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