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Australian workers fear asbestos exposure

Australian workers fear asbestos exposure

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Australian workers abhorrence asbestos exposure

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Workers at a refinery in Western Australia may accept suffered asbestos acknowledgment if they formed with apparatus alien from China.

Asbestos Bearded by Chinese Exporters

Hundreds of advisers at Alcoa’s bulb in Pinjarra, Australia, came into acquaintance with the baleful mineral while refurbishing aqueduct gaskets that had been alien from China. According to the Sunday Times, 1167 gaskets that were lined with asbestos were put on animate brim beyond the Pinjarra bulb in 2005. Workers affirmation that the asbestos was bearded by Chinese exporters.

A amount of workers accept contacted the Asbestos Disease Society, apropos the baleful mineral. The Society’s president, Robert Vojakovic, said the aggregation should accept shut the bulb down in April, appropriate afterwards the asbestos was discovered.

Dispute Over Levels of Asbestos Exposure

“There is no safe akin to asbestos no amount how baby and [the workers] would accept had gross acknowledgment to asbestos,” he told the account source.

Alcoa said in a account that the accident of asbestos acknowledgment for workers was actual low.

“The asbestos in the gasket is not brittle and artlessly advancing or advertisement the gasket would not accord acceleration to aerial fibres,” the account said. “Alcoa is actual assured that the accident presented by these valves is acutely small.”

Asbestos acknowledgment can could cause a amount of baleful diseases, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

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Australian workers fear asbestos exposure

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