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Ban Canadian asbestos mining, says lawmakers, activists

Ban Canadian asbestos mining, says lawmakers, activists

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Ban Canadian asbestos mining, says lawmakers, activists

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Activists and assembly are blame Canada to ban the practices of asbestos mining and exportation.

Former Asbestos Miner Calls for Asbestos Ban

As a affiliate of assembly and a above asbestos miner, Pat Martin is able-bodied positioned to be an ascendancy on the debate. He has durably appear down in favor of baning the mining and exportation, adage “We are exporting animal ache on a awe-inspiring scale,” according to the AFP.

Asbestos Can Be Safe

Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis told the account antecedent that the asbestos mined in Canada can be safe. He aswell added that a ban wouldn’t advice humans who accept accomplished asbestos problems in the past.

“Implementing a ban would not assure workers or the accessible adjoin accomplished uses that accept been banned for abounding years,” he said.

Some activists aren’t assertive that asbestos can be safe.

“I’m allurement (the government) to stop mining and stop affairs this product,” Sandra Kinart, a association activist whose bedmate died of lung ache affiliated to asbestos mining, told the account provider. “Employers accept a albatross to their workers to accumulate them safe. No man gets dressed to go to plan in the morning to die.”

Asbestos acknowledgment can could cause above bloom problems, such as cancerous mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

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Ban Canadian asbestos mining, says lawmakers, activists

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