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Bath Iron Works

Bath Iron Works
Bath Iron Works

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Since 1762, shipbuilding has become a way of life along the Kennebec River in Maine where Bath Iron Works is located. Bath Iron Works is known as one of the oldest and most established shipyards in the United States and has produced several boats for the Navy.

During World War I, the shipyard built several destroyers and in the 1920’s it switched gears and focused on building private yachts and small commercial vessels.

However, with the onset of World War II, the company again changed direction and again built ships for the Army and Navy, contributing over 80 destroyers. Bath Iron Works now mainly work on military contracts. In 1995, they were purchased by General Dynamics.
Shipyard’s Expansion Leads to More Employees

Since General Dynamics purchased Bath Iron Works, the shipyard has stayed based in Maine but has expanded from shipbuilding to making water pumps, replacement part for ships, as well as other machinery.

Bath Iron Works now serves as the place of employment for over 10,000 workers and is Maine’s largest employer.
Asbestos Exposure at Shipyards

As with most shipyards, the work is often hazardous and workers are typically exposed to harmful materials such as asbestos. Asbestos fibers were once widely used in the piping, insulation, boilers and ceiling tiles of shipyards. Although asbestos was beneficial for its heat-resistant and flame resistant properties, it was later found to be a carcinogen that can be fatal when inhaled, handled and ingested.

There are now many known risks associated with asbestos that shipyard workers at places like Bath Iron Works were not informed of and still may not know about. Asbestos fibers can cause fatal illnesses like mesothelioma and asbestosis to those who are exposed. However, symptoms may not become evident until decades after the initial exposure when treatment options are more limited.

Learn More

If you are a former employee of Bath Iron Works and you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, please contact us today to learn more about financial, medical, and support options available to you.

Bath Iron Works

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