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Bike Rack Proposal in Milwaukee

Bike Rack Proposal in Milwaukee

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Bike Rack Angle in Milwaukee

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

In hopes to achieve an ecology accusation by the state, Milwaukee Canton has fabricated a angle to install bike racks on buses to cut down asbestos pollution.

County admiral achievement the plan will afford its accountability in the accusation filed adjoin them.

Asbestos Accusation Filed in 2006

In 2006, a clothing was filed adjoin the canton apropos the absolution of asbestos if the courthouse was demolished.

According to George Torres, the Accessible Works Director for the county, if the plan doesn’t get accustomed the canton could face added than $30,000 in fines for the appear asbestos.

The proposed plan would advice the canton makes apology with the accompaniment by accomplishing a “green acceptable deed.”

How Would the Plan Help?

By installing bike racks on accessible buses, commuters would be encouraged to leave their cars at home and opt to ride their bikes or the bus.

This would in about-face abatement the bulk of bankrupt effluvium that are appear into the air circadian and betrayal the association to adverse acknowledgment to substances like asbestos.

The canton claims that they were already planning to install the racks afore the ecology accusation was filed.

The plan has been pitched to the accompaniment Justice Department, which filed the clothing adjoin the county, and admiral are apprehension approval.

(Source: JSOnline)

Have you or anyone you apperceive been wrongfully apparent to asbestos? If so, amuse acquaintance us to allege with anyone about the assets accessible to you and your admired ones.

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Bike Rack Proposal in Milwaukee

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