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Car Dealer Fined for Asbestos

Car Dealer Fined for Asbestos

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Car Banker Fined for Asbestos

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A car banker who works in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties was afresh fined for advisedly disturbing down barrio that independent asbestos and lead.

The man has agreed to pay $600,000 in civilian penalties.

Reason for the Fine

Steve John, who owns Ocean Chevrolet Inc., purchased a section of acreage to allegedly body a dealership.

The accusation claims that John advisedly had 18 barrio that independent advance and asbestos.

He reportedly tore them down after aboriginal removing the alarming substances.

John again took the abstracts to the Marina landfill to actuate of them.

Forced to Pay

Monterey and Santa Cruz counties will reportedly breach the $200,000 accomplished that John is affected to pay for his wrongdoing.

A cloister adjustment was aswell issued to John acute him to accede with the rules and regulations issued by the assurance cipher in affiliation to asbestos.

(Source: cbs5)

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Car Dealer Fined for Asbestos

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