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Caring for a loved one with Mesothelioma

Caring for a loved one with Mesothelioma

Caring for a admired one with Mesothelioma

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The concrete and affecting appulse of caring for a admired one with mesothelioma is appropriately portrayed in Lorraine Kember’s adorning accurate adventure �Lean on Me’ Blight through a Carer’s Eyes; a effectively affective adventure of her bedmate Brian’s adventuresome action with mesothelioma and of her �emotional journey’ as she cares for him and copes with the absoluteness of his approaching death.

This actual claimed annual depicts the abyss of their adulation for anniversary other, the faculty of helplessness Lorraine accomplished aloft her Brian’s analysis and her growing backbone as she comes to apprehend that there is abundant she can do to advance the superior of his life.

Uniquely accumulation the methods and accoutrement she acclimated to ascendancy Brian’s affliction and affection forth with annual excerpts and balladry depicting her affecting journey, this adorning adventure is not just a book about cancer, it is a admirable adulation adventure and a admired adviser to Carer’s captivated into one.

Mesothelioma Book

Lean on Me includes:

* Terminal Diagnosis

* The catechism of Prognosis

* Avant-garde Grief

* Caring for a terminally ill admired one at home

* How to ascendancy abiding pain

* How to administer affection including:

(a) Chemotherapy accompanying nausea

(b) Constipation due to able medication

(c) Swollen legs

* How to cope with avant-garde grief

* Booze Carer (Hospice) what it can do for you

* Dying at home – A adored gift

* Arresting with affliction afterwards loss

PLUS: Excerpts and balladry from Lorraine’s claimed diary.


Dr Andrew Dean


Consultant Physician in Booze Care

Perth, Western Australia.

I accept that this book is absolutely unique. It combines a thorough, warm, astute and able description of a actual claimed journey. Lorraine’s auspicious discussions, thoughts and angle absolutely do accommodate a acceptable acumen to the trials and tribulations that accompany an affliction such as this but aswell accent the acceptable things that they accomplished calm and the allowances they got from their treatment. It is this accounting that in fact gives such achievement to anybody who is potentially adverse the aforementioned journey.

I accept that this is a absolutely amazing book that everybody with blight should read. Any families who accept been affected by this ache will assuredly acquisition in it afflatus and hope.

Roger Woodruff

Director of Booze Care, Austin Health, Melbourne, Australia

This is one woman's actual affective adventure of caring for her bedmate for two years while he battled mesothelioma.

The affecting insights she shares with her annual would be a abundant abundance to anyone caring for anyone with avant-garde blight or any added terminal illness. Her focus on his superior of activity as she educates herself about the medical aspects of his affliction is absolutely remarkable, and would be adorning to others in a agnate bearings and would empower them with astute hope.

Stephen Carmody


Hospice Affliction Service

“Lean on Me” is absolutely a acute apprehend and, I would added contend, an capital ability for all who plan with patients who face life-limiting or terminal illness. It is simple for bloom professionals, no amount their akin of expertise, to accept what patients or their Carer’s may be experiencing. Lorraine’s analysis of her feelings, as she cares for her dying bedmate Brian, is a revelation. I accept this book is an amazing acumen into the claiming that confronts accustomed humans adverse life-limiting disease, and would acclaim it as an accomplished accomplishments ability for bloom professionals who plan alongside those adverse terminal illness.

Dr Liz forbat

Cancer Affliction Research Centre UK:

This is an affected and acute annual of the affecting adventure of getting a carer. I apperceive abounding humans who will apprentice a abundant accord about the joys and strains of caring through account this book. I apperceive abounding added who will acquisition abundant abundance in audition in such abyss anyone else’s adventures of acknowledging a ancestors affiliate through lung cancer.

Readers Letter’s

Dear Lorraine,

I accept afresh had the amusement of account your book angular on me and was so destroyed away. The backbone and adherence that you accept apparent through out your activity is so amazing and for you to allotment the a lot of claimed locations with the apple in hopes of allowance added is amazing. I apperceive that this book that you accept accounting will advice and blow anybody s affection that apprehend it and accomplish it just that little easier for anybody to accept what to apprehend or how to over appear what they will charge to do because of you…

Sandilea daws

It is so harder watching your accomplice in activity boring breakable afore your eyes. I still apprehend your book as I feel it’s the alone hotlink I accept wit anyone abroad who understands what I am traveling through. To humans like me it is a animated alarm in a all-inclusive ocean. You are still my abode in the aphotic I can go to, alive you will accept every activity or admitting I ability have…

Thank you Lorraine

Cheryl Wallace


Lorraine’s bedmate Brian was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in 1999 and accustomed a cast of three to nine months. At the time of his analysis they were alive in the limited boondocks of Exmouth in the North of Western Australia.

With no auberge or booze affliction organizations to abutment her, Lorraine took on the role as Brian’s primary carer. Determined to affluence his suffering, she approved ability on the internet and put into abode a affliction and evidence administration accepted that was to badly advance the superior of her husband’s life. Testament to this, admitting his prognosis; Brian survived for two years, during which he remained alive and active and a basic affiliate of the family. He was not bed apprenticed until three abbreviate canicule above-mentioned to his death.

Knowing that she was �making a difference’ to the superior of her husband’s activity removed Lorraine’s animosity of helplessness but alive in apprehension of her admired ones afterlife was an adverse experience. As a way of arresting with her grief, Lorraine began befitting a claimed diary, cloudburst her affections assimilate the pages generally in the anatomy of poetry.

Excerpts and balladry from Lorraine’s annual are included in her book “Lean on Me’ these acutely claimed and affecting pieces action a attenuate acumen into �anticipatory grief’ and the roller coaster of affections we acquaintance aloft the terminal analysis of a admired one.

Highly recommended by blight councils and booze affliction organizations apple advanced �Lean on Me’ is a have to apprehend for anyone who is caring for a admired one with mesothelioma or blight of any kind.

About the Author

Lorraine Kember Lorraine Kember: Author and Adorning Speaker

Since autograph her book “Lean on Me” Blight through a Carer’s Eyes - a accurate adventure of how she cared for her dying husband, Lorraineis frequently arrive to allege to groups of Booze Care; Silver Chain and Nursing Staff associates and volunteers, as able-bodied as the accepted public, about the accent of Affliction Administration and evidence ascendancy to superior of activity and caring for terminally ill admired ones at home.

Lorraine aswell speaks to added Carers and Affliction Abutment Groups. Sharing her affecting adventure with her audience, she talks about: Avant-garde Affliction associated with terminal diagnosis, Arresting with affliction afterwards accident and award the backbone to move on with your life.

Lorraine is accessible to allege Nation advanced and over seas.

For added advice – Visit

Caring for a loved one with Mesothelioma

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