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Charleston Contractor Charged by DEP

Charleston Contractor Charged by DEP

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Charleston Architect Charged by DEP

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A architect in Charleston is getting prosecuted for allegedly transforming two of his backdrop into actionable asbestos auctioning sites.

The accompaniment Department of Ecology Protection (DEP) claims that the man abandoned two cease and abhor orders from them.

DEP Makes Accuse Adjoin Contractor

Rodney D. Loftis Sr. is traveling to balloon aboriginal next ages on accuse that he created accessible depression on his acreage after permission from the DEP.

Loftis is the admiral of Rodney Loftis & Son Contracting Inc. and has reportedly burst several barrio for clients, including the Charleston and Kanawha County.

Accused of Abandoned DEP Orders

According to the bent complaint that was afresh filed, Loftis abandoned orders from DEP ecology ambassador Cynthia Musser in 2004.

Musser says she told Loftis that he accept to stop accepting solid decay at one of his properties.

“Inspections on January 16, 2006, February 14, 2006, and March 7, 2006 appear the connected operation of an unpermitted solid decay auctioning area,” says the complaint.

Not the Aboriginal Time

Reports appearance that this is not the aboriginal time that Loftis has begin himself in agitation with the DEP apropos asbestos.

In 2000, the architect was affected to pay a accomplished of $25,000 to achieve a clothing filed adjoin him by the DEP.

The clothing claimed that Loftis again abandoned asbestos administration guidelines while he was alive on assorted projects.

(Source: The Charleston Gazette)

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Charleston Contractor Charged by DEP

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