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City Fined for Mishandling Asbestos

City Fined for Mishandling Asbestos
City Fined for Mishandling Asbestos

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The city of Oakridge in Oregon was recently fined $9,600 for improperly removing asbestos from mobile homes and other structures within the community.

The fine was issued by the agency that looks after Lane County’s air.

City Admits to Wrongdoing

The city reportedly admitted to relying too much on the seller’s signed statement that the mobile homes contained no asbestos or other hazardous materials.

Oakridge began tearing down structures and remodeling the mobile homes after purchasing a portion of land that is situated at the north end of the town.

“We were wrong,” admitted City Administrator Gordon Zimmerman after receiving the fine. “We naively believed and acted on it.”

Oakridge Fined

The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) fined the city of Oakridge $2, 400 for failing to conduct any asbestos testing before tearing down the buildings.

Oakridge was also charged $3, 600 for permitting uncertified contractors to conduct an asbestos abatement project.

An additional $3, 600 was fined to the city for allowing the open accumulation and storage of asbestos removal tools at an unauthorized disposal site.

Investigation Leads to Fines

The LRAPA began investigating the newly purchased land after receiving a complaint about asbestos being found on the property.

(Source: The Register-Guard)

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City Fined for Mishandling Asbestos

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