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Committee Passes Bill to Ban Asbestos

Committee Passes Bill to Ban Asbestos

Rewritten Article

Committee Passes Bill to Ban Asbestos

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

After 5 years of agitation in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the Ban Asbestos in America Act assuredly anesthetized a acute board vote.

The bill, which seeks to ban all asbestos articles in America, is set to be presented afore the Senate this fall.

Bill Details

The bill was afresh anesthetized absolutely advertence a ample ability about-face back Republican assembly accept reportedly been aggravating to besom it abreast for years.

If the bill was to become law, asbestos will be absolutely banned aural two years.

The bill is aswell set to accommodate $50 actor in allotment for medical asbestos and mesothelioma research.

Sen. Patty Murray, who has been one of the advance advocates in the action to ban asbestos, has sponsored the bill.

Asbestos Causes Harm

Asbestos has accurate to be a baleful carcinogen and inhaling the fibers generally leads to cancer.

Cancer therapies such as chemotherapy accept been abortive in ridding patient’s physique of the blight acquired by asbestos and the lawsuits filed because of the carcinogen are in the thousands.

Many businesses accept gone broke due to asbestos accompanying lawsuits.

Murray’s bill is accepted to be voted aloft by next abatement and abounding accept it will acquire the abutment of both parties.

(Source: American Chronicle)

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Committee Passes Bill to Ban Asbestos

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