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Conrad Industries

Conrad Industries

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Conrad Industries

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Conrad Industries, a Gulf Coast shipbuilder with four shipyards in Louisiana and Texas, was founded in 1948. Today, it's a actual ample shipbuilding concern, including 230,000 aboveboard anxiety of covered workspace and six drydock facilities. The Conrad shipyards account both government and clandestine bartering interests, authoritative argosy such as oil tankers, tugboats, barges, and conduct vessels, and acclimation and converting several types of ships.

Gulf of Mexico Shipyards

J. Parker Conrad accustomed his shipyard in Morgan City, Louisiana. In 1997, the operations were continued by the acquirement of addition company, Orange Shipbuilding, in Texas. The Conrad shipyards all accept absolute admission to the Gulf of Mexico.

Asbestos at Shipyards

Before the federal and accompaniment governments started akin the uses of asbestos in the 1980s, this mineral was acclimated abundantly in the architecture of about every blazon of sea-going vessel. The accident of blaze aboard ships has consistently been a grave concern, and if the technology to dispense asbestos became available, hundreds of articles absolute asbestos were congenital into the designs of abounding vessels.

Asbestos Is a Carcinogen

Asbestos has accomplished careful and fireproofing properties. It seemed like an ideal actual because it could be acclimated in a array of forms, such as sheets, textiles, and panels. However, asbestos was eventually accurate to be a animal carcinogen. If asbestos fibers access the animal body, decidedly by inhalation, they can become assuredly lodged in physique tissues, abolition the tissues' accustomed functioning.

Asbestos-caused cases of lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis are shockingly accepted a part of shipyard workers. The ante of these diseases are decidedly college a part of shipyard workers than they are a part of the accepted population.

If You Worked at Conrad Shipyards

A analysis of mesothelioma or addition asbestos-related ache can be life-threatening. If you wish to apperceive added about these diseases and about your acknowledged rights, amuse acquaintance us online today.

Conrad Industries

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