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Cork Product Exposure

Cork Product Exposure

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Cork Product Exposure

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Asbestos was present in abounding cork articles fabricated in the decades amid the about-face of the aeon and the mid-1980s. Cork is a actual advantageous material, with backdrop such as top buoyancy, adaptability and near-impermeability. Cork can be calmly manipulated and accumulated with added abstracts such as elastic and resin. It's acclimated for abundant added than bottle-stoppers.

Cork Has Hundreds of Uses

Cork has applications such as:

* Corkboard — for walls, flooring, and insulation

* Cork coverings —for articles such as accessory cases and the awning plates of abrasion machines

* Cork-filled mastic — a adhesive with abounding applications in the architecture industry

* Automotive uses — e.g., anchor pads gaskets, gauges, crank shaft address sealing

* Electrical articles — e.g., transformers, ambit breakers, as a adhesive for cooling fluids

* Life jackets and buoys — the airiness of cork makes it a accustomed choice

* Marine applications — cork insulation in submarines and added vessels

* Aircraft and aircraft — attention adjoin acute calefaction and friction

* Bulletin boards, agreeable instruments joints

Cork and Asbestos Manufacturing

Cork and asbestos are both accepted for their careful properties. Abounding automated companies accomplish both cork and asbestos products—such as cork sheets, gaskets, and automated packaging materials—for assorted uses.

Since about 1980, however, the use of asbestos has been acutely concise because of its cancer-causing properties. Thousands of cases of asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma accept been attributed to asbestos exposure.

Millions of Bags of Asbestos Around Us

More than 30 actor bags of asbestos were acclimated in homes, schools, libraries, bartering barrio and accessories in the United States in the 1900s. Since the abatement of asbestos from homes and schools has become a grave problem, it should be kept in apperception that asbestos may be in cork articles such as attic in the aforementioned buildings. The abatement of cork articles may present the aforementioned accident as asbestos removal.

The aforementioned is accurate of corkboard, cork covering, and articles with cork mastic. If a homeowner is not abiding whether the cork articles in his or her home accommodate asbestos, it's best to acquaintance a able asbestos abatement service.

Learn Added about Asbestos and Cork Products

If you're anxious about asbestos and about cork articles in your home or your children's school, or if you accept been diagnosed with mesothelioma or addition asbestos-related disease, acquaintance us for added advice about your options.

Cork Product Exposure

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