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Daniel Powers, MD

Daniel Powers, MD

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Daniel Powers, MD

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Dr. Daniel PowersDaniel Powers, MDBorn in Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Powers abounding accessible schools through Junior Top School and again went to one of the top basic schools in the Mid-West, Cranbrook for Top School. His parents confused to Miami, Florida and he again abounding UM south - the University of Miami breadth he completed his undergraduate plan in three years and again abounding the Medical School for four added years. He affiliated at the end of Medical School to his still present and alone wife and has three children.

Medical Training

His medical training was able at Los Angeles County/University of Southern California breadth he did a Rotating/Flexible Anesthetic and Surgery Internship, Diagnostic Radiology Residency and Nuclear Anesthetic Fellowship over a 5 year aeon from 1976 until 1981. He took and anesthetized his National Boards in 1977 at the end of internship and was aboriginal accountant to convenance anesthetic in California in 1977. He took and anesthetized his medical specialty Board in Diagnostic Radiology during his Residency and became Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology in 1980 at age 29 and took and anesthetized his subspecialty Board in Nuclear Radiology at the end of his Fellowship and became Board Certified in Nuclear Radiology in 1981. At the achievement of his training he became the Chief of Radiology at a baby Los Angeles based hospital - Beverly Glenn Hospital in 1981. He began a Diagnostic Ultrasound aggregation that year and became a top aggregate OB/GYN ultrasound specialist. As the baby hospital was alteration easily and focus of care, he was accustomed a allotment time job alpha in March of 1982 accomplishing CT scanning, primarily of the spine, breadth he became one of the aboriginal and accomplished aggregate back imagers in the LA breadth at a time if back imaging was just beginning.

Asbestos Experience

During this aeon he aswell had the befalling to adapt chest x-rays on patients apparent to asbestos fibers and did two things to enhance his apprenticeship and adeptness - 1) he visited with a assistant at UCSF who was accomplishing aboriginal analysis and protocols in accepting CT and HRCT scans of the lungs in patients with asbestos ache - abstruse the advice and became one of the aboriginal and accomplished aggregate chest CT/HRCT imagers in California in clandestine convenance in the breadth of asbestos ache at that time and 2) he abstruse about and did cocky abstraction for the Federal government acceptance for MDs in the estimation of chest radiographs involving patients apparent to atramentous (coal workers' pneumoconiosis), beach and rock (silicosis) and asbestos fibers (asbestosis) and took and anesthetized on the aboriginal try this analysis for acceptance as a Federal Government "B-Reader (note - the Feds accede an "A-Reader" a abecedarian and the "B-Reader" the added avant-garde "expert"). Since that time the government has appropriate recertification every 4 years and as such Dr. Powers has recertified and anesthetized every time in 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008. Dr. Powers after took courses in MRI imaging in 1985, if such scanners were aboriginal fabricated accessible to him and developed a above convenance in back and after collective imaging.

Imaging Facilities

He started what may accept been the aboriginal "network" of imaging accessories - time administration on accessories statewide - utilizing altered imaging accessories that was acceptable to the patient's home or doctor's appointment and of altered types - both low/open, mid and top backbone magnets. At a time if a lot of Radiologists were disturbing with a individual manufacturer's scanner of a specific strength, Dr. Powers was accepting abilities utilizing assorted manufacturers' imaging accessories with assorted altered MRI allurement strengths. By 1989 Dr. Powers became accountant in a lot of states to acquiesce him to do additional opinions of CTs and MRIs and asbestosis and silicosis plan beyond accompaniment lines. He is now actively accountant to convenance in 49 states + Washington DC. Approximately 2 years ago, Dr. Powers had the adeptness to admission a apprentice in clear architecture and put calm a beheld teaching book including didactic/written online writing and comments on asbestosis, silicosis + atramentous workers' pneumoconiosis and emphysema which is accessible on his web website at beneath the Resource Center. He continues his clandestine convenance based in Los Angeles.

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Daniel Powers, MD

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