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DC Health Inspector Convicted in Asbestos Bribery Case

DC Health Inspector Convicted in Asbestos Bribery Case

Rewritten Article

DC Health Ambassador Bedevilled in Asbestos Bribery Case

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

November 1 , 2005

A above Washington DC Department of Health Ambassador has been bedevilled for about three years in a federal bastille for accepting bribes advised to relax standards of asbestos abatement in a city-limits dump.

Jeffrey Dewhite Edwards, 43, of Bristow, VA was bedevilled on bent accuse of bribery and extortion in US District Court endure year. Endure anniversary he was bedevilled to 33 months in bastille for his role in not charwoman up blight causing asbestos from accessible land.

According to affidavit and affirmation baldheaded during the trial, Edwards had asked for the money, $10,000 in all, from a adviser for the Keystone Plus Construction Company. Keystone had been assassin to apple-pie and annihilate incinerators at a solid-waste facility. Edwards asked for the money in lieu of beneath austere standards for the aggregation in its circadian asbestos abatement operations.

The above ambassador was in allegation of several asbestos accompanying abatement programs, including one at the Watkins Elementary School, aswell in DC, area top levels of asbestos were still begin afterwards contractors and admiral claimed the botheration had been taken affliction of.

The adviser that Edwards approached told law administration about the allurement and Edwards was arrested in 2003. Edwards had back absent his job, his home, and is accepting ancestors troubles stemming from the allurement action and his consistent conviction.

The asbestos abatement was allotment of Washington DC’s about adjourned efforts to abolish the alarming actuality from accessible accessible exposure. Asbestos is a actuality acclimated in abounding pre-1970s barrio that has afresh been affiliated to the development of austere cases of cancer.

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DC Health Inspector Convicted in Asbestos Bribery Case

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