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Demolition stalled for asbestos removal

Demolition stalled for asbestos removal

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Demolition adjourned for asbestos removal

Friday, April 30th, 2010

The appointed annihilation of a architecture in Florida has been delayed due to apropos over asbestos.

Old Architecture Full of Asbestos

The old plan affected architecture in Jackson County was slated to be demolished, but testing for asbestos appear that it was abounding with the baleful mineral, according to the Jackson County Floridan. The County Commission has put a asbestos abatement arrangement out for bid.

County Administrator Ted Lakey told the account antecedent that the city is searching for a architect to bright the old architecture of asbestos and, already that is completed, move on with its demolition.

Lakey aswell bidding apropos that accouchement may play in the old building, which acclimated to abode inmates.

Asbestos Testing Results

The testing analyzed samples of 35 asbestos-containing actual including tiles, insulation, tanks and pipes. All of these will accept to be removed for the architecture to accommodated civic discharge standards and, thus, be accessible to be broken down.

Asbestos is amenable for causing such baleful lung diseases as mesothelioma, lung blight and asbestosis. The World Health Organization estimates that at atomic 90,000 humans common die from asbestos-related causes anniversary year.

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Demolition stalled for asbestos removal

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