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English demolition worker dies of mesothelioma

English demolition worker dies of mesothelioma

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English annihilation artisan dies of mesothelioma

Monday, July 19th, 2010

A above English annihilation artisan afresh died from mesothelioma, anon afterwards he won a abundant asbestos pay out from his above employer.

John Manniex spent a amount of years alive for Mee and Cocker Limited, a annihilation aggregation that focused on disturbing down prefabricated homes, according to the Wigan Observer. Manniex and his adolescent workers would annihilate the homes to save the aluminum roofing.

It was on the job that Manniex suffered the asbestos acknowledgment that would could could cause his mesothelioma and ultimately amount him his life.

“We acclimated to advance the asbestos panels out from the roofs and let them bead to the floor,” he said afore his passing. “As they alone they bankrupt up and asbestos dust would be released. We would accept that dust about us as we connected to annihilate the building.”

“We were never accustomed a affectation or alerted to the crisis to our health,” he added.

Manniex took his above employer to cloister and ultimately won, about he anesthetized abroad alone weeks afterwards accepting his compensation.

In accession to cancerous mesothelioma, asbestos acknowledgment can could could cause asbestosis and lung cancer.

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English demolition worker dies of mesothelioma

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