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Environmental Groups Sue for Pollution of Suisun Bay

Environmental Groups Sue for Pollution of Suisun Bay

Environmental Groups Sue for Pollution of Suisun Bay

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Groups of environmentalist reportedly filed a suit in hopes of forcing the federal government to clean up the toxic material that has engulfed the bay due to decaying ships.

A recent study showed that the ships remaining east of the Benicia Bridge have released up to 18 tons of metals and harmful substances such as asbestos into the shipyard.

Disposal of Hazardous Materials Wanted

Michael Wall, an attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, claims that the lawsuit seeks to force maritime administration to safely dispose of the metals, asbestos, and other toxic materials that are currently polluting the waters.

The groups also want the agency to conduct environmental studies on a management plan for the three-deterioting fleets.

Study Suggested

The study that the groups hope the agency will pursue is one that would analyze the environmental effects of maintaining and disposing the ships.

It would also help to develop management and disposal methods.

“We want them to stop polluting Suisun Bay by addressing the peeling paint first and then finding environmentally responsible ways to dispose of the ships,” explained Saul Bloom, a member of the San Francisco environmental group Arc Ecology.

The groups believe that the best way to protect the bay at this point is to safely remove the ships without posing a threat to any organisms in the water that could be harmed by the asbestos and other substances.

(Source: Inside Bay Area)

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This entry was posted on Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 at 12:00 am.
Environmental Groups Sue for Pollution of Suisun Bay

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