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Lawsuit Filed Over Fire in Ohio

Lawsuit Filed Over Fire in Ohio

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Lawsuit Filed Over Blaze in Ohio

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has filed a clothing adjoin a aggregation who they affirmation put the public’s bloom at accident if they austere bits from an old building.

The company, which is amid in Mahoning County, austere the bits from a architecture that was broken down in Niles about 5 years ago.

Demolition of Architecture Causes Controversy

The accusation was filed adjoin Mark A. Mirich, the buyer of All Annihilation of Struthers.

In January 2003, the aggregation reportedly tore down a architecture and set blaze to the bits that was leftover.

Amongst the bits was beam material, wire and board beams, all of which are believed to accept been infested with asbestos.

Suit Seeks Compensation

The clothing accuses Mirich of declining to get the website inspected for asbestos afore alpha the demolition.

The aggregation aswell allegedly didn’t acquaint the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency afore disturbing down the building.

“By agreeable in accessible burning, declining to audit the adeptness and declining to accord apprehension to the Ohio EPA, the actor has added the accident to accessible bloom and the ambiance by disappointment the adeptness of the Ohio EPA to ensure that they superior of the air in northeast Ohio is protected,” explained the lawsuit.

(Source: Tribune-Chronicle)

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Lawsuit Filed Over Fire in Ohio

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