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Man Names 30 Companies in Asbestos Suit

Man Names 30 Companies in Asbestos Suit

Man Names 30 Companies in Asbestos Suit

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A clothing was afresh filed by a man who claims he was wrongfully apparent to asbestos and as a aftereffect has developed an illness.

Thirty companies accept been called as defendants in the asbestos lawsuit.

Workplace Exposure

Michael Ray Blake filed the clothing claiming that he formed with and about articles absolute asbestos while active for FMC Corporation.

Blake claims that he inhaled asbestos and added adverse dusts while at plan and, as a result, now has lung cancer.

Former Employee Files Suit

Blake says the defendants should accept accepted that the use of asbestos in their articles was harmful.

He is accusing the companies of declining to acquaint their advisers of the dangers and guidelines appropriate if administration asbestos products.

Plaintiff Claims Asbestos Caused Cancer

Blake says he has suffered from accident of accomplishment and earning capacity, accident of superior and amusement of life.

Blake is acquisitive to be absolutely compensated for his injuries from the suit.

(Source: The West Virginia Record)

Do you accept that you were wrongfully apparent to asbestos while at work? If so, amuse acquaintance us to acquisition out added about the assets accessible to you.

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Man Names 30 Companies in Asbestos Suit

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