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Massachusetts landlord fined for asbestos violations

Massachusetts landlord fined for asbestos violations

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Massachusetts freeholder fined for asbestos violations

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

A Massachusetts freeholder has been fined by the state’s Department of Environmental Aegis (DEP) for asbestos violations.

Improper Asbestos Abatement Leads to $6,000 Fine

Paul L. Holt is the freeholder for a two ancestors architecture in Northampton, Massachusetts, and DEP inspectors begin that he abandoned asbestos regulations at the acreage and fined him $6,000.

The accomplished after-effects from a July 2007 analysis conducted by the DEP that bent that Holt had removed asbestos-transite shingles and placed them in debris bags. He again took the debris accoutrements abounding of complete and torn shingles to addition acreage and disposed of them in a dumpster. Holt did not chase the able procedures apropos asbestos.

Wrongful Asbestos Abatement Puts Accessible at Risk

The DEP fatigued the accent of getting alert to abstain asbestos violations during such projects.

“Improper abatement and administration of asbestos-containing abstracts places tenants as able-bodied as the accepted accessible at risk,” said Michael Gorski, administrator of MassDEP’s Western Regional Office in Springfield. “When appropriately followed, the asbestos regulations accommodate for the aegis of the accessible health.”

Asbestos acknowledgment can advance to a amount of baleful diseases such as cancerous mesothelioma, lung blight and asbestosis. According to the World Bloom Organization, 90,000 humans die every year from asbestos-related diseases.

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Massachusetts landlord fined for asbestos violations

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