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Mesothelioma Death May Be Linked to Post 9/11 Air Quality

Mesothelioma Death May Be Linked to Post 9/11 Air Quality

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Mesothelioma Afterlife May Be Linked to Column 9/11 Air Quality

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March 21, 2006

A Deborah Reeve, a paramedic alive in a New York City-limits antipathy afterward the tragedies of September 11, 2001, died on March 15 of an asbestos accompanying cancer. Her ancestors and doctors are now claiming that Reeves mesothelioma, a activity aggressive lung cancer, was acquired by all-encompassing acknowledgment to baneful dusts from the World Trade Center site, Ground Zero.

Deborah Reeve aboriginal accomplished signs of crumbling lung bloom in 2003 if she developed a debilitating cough, which would ultimately advance to her retirement and contempo death.

While city-limits admiral are claiming that it is too anon to actuate a audible hotlink amid Ground Zero acknowledgment and cancer, there is abundant affirmation acknowledging the theory.

To date, there accept been about 20 deaths that are anticipation to be the aftereffect of ailing Ground Zero air exposure. In February of 2006, the EPA and its above arch of agents Christine Todd Whitman were challenged by a chic activity accusation alleging their abridgement of embodied advice for Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan association apropos the superior of the column 9-11 air.

According to prosecuting attorneys, the EPA awfully underplayed the dangers that the air superior may affectation to awful apparent association and workers. The 9/11 Commission accepted this affirmation auspiciously assuming that the air was still close with asbestos, lead, PCBs and added alarming toxins.

Despite the EPAs ability of this information, the National Security Council allegedly manipulated affirmation and as a aftereffect some New York association suffered adverse levels of these pollutants.

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Mesothelioma Death May Be Linked to Post 9/11 Air Quality

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