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Mesothelioma Lawsuit Filed by Texas Couple

Mesothelioma Lawsuit Filed by Texas Couple

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Mesothelioma Accusation Filed by Texas Couple

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A Texas man and his wife accept filed a mesothelioma accusation adjoin 39 companies in Kanawha Circuit Court in Charleston, West Virginia.

Theodore Aldeman formed as a pipefitter for about four decades—from 1957 to 1990—at Union Carbide. He claims he was apparent to asbestos during his years of application and now suffers from mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a baleful anatomy of lung cancer, the affection of which generally yield decades to manifest. Asbestos acknowledgment is the primary could cause of the baleful disease.

In his lawsuit, Aldeman accuses Union Carbide and abundant others of apathy for making, selling, and application asbestos-containing products.

Aldeman’s wife, Nancy, is aswell suing the defendants for accident of society, accompaniment and casework from her husband.

The brace is gluttonous bearding compensatory and castigating damages.

(Source: The West Virginia Record online)

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Mesothelioma Lawsuit Filed by Texas Couple

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