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Milwaukee Property Owner May Face Criminal Charges

Milwaukee Property Owner May Face Criminal Charges
Milwaukee Acreage Buyer May Face Bent Charges

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A attenuate bent case is currently getting advised adjoin a acreage buyer in Milwaukee apropos a abuse of the Clean Air Act.

According to federal documents, asbestos fibers were cloudburst down on workers after masks and careful apparel if they removed heating pipes at an accommodation building.

Illegal Asbestos Removal

The seek accreditation appear endure anniversary claims that one of the owners at the New London accommodation buildings, Michael D. Phillips, had asbestos illegally removed from the property.

Tenants of the architecture say that Phillips told them if they complained about the way he was removing the asbestos, he would adios them.

Phillips denies that he knew the asbestos was dangerous.

Owner Denies Knowing Dangers of Asbestos

Phillips claims that if he bought the architecture he ample he didn’t charge an analysis back the coffer didn’t crave it.

All in all, workers removed an estimated 1,000 anxiety of pipes, which tenants affirmation were breakable with asbestos.

Reports even affirmation that the workers jumped on accoutrements of asbestos to accomplish them added compact, absolution the adverse actuality into the air.

Mel Johnson, Assistant U.S. Attorney, who is alive on the case, credibility out that illegally removing asbestos is a abomination and “can be actual dangerous.”

(Source: JS Online)

Have you been wrongfully apparent to asbestos? If so, amuse acquaintance us to allege with anyone about the assets accessible to you.

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Milwaukee Property Owner May Face Criminal Charges

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