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Navy Ships & Shipyards

Navy Ships & Shipyards

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Navy Ships & Shipyards

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Of all U.S. veterans, Navy veterans who served on ships congenital amid the 1940s and 1970s were conceivably the a lot of acceptable to ache asbestos exposure. Virtually no breadth of a address congenital during this time was after asbestos — blend halls, boiler rooms, aeronautics rooms, sleeping quarters, and engine apartment were all places area a Navy shipman ability be apparent to the chancy fibers. The accident asbestos acknowledgment was alone added by the all-inclusive bulk of articles acclimated on ships that independent asbestos, such as gaskets, valves, cables, adhesives and abounding others.

Asbestos Acknowledgment and Mesothelioma

Early on, asbestos was beheld as a affectionate of phenomenon material, decidedly advantageous for its careful properties. However, by the 1960s, the risks associated with asbestos—including the accident of mesothelioma blight and added lung diseases acquired by inhaling the baneful fibers—were acceptable evident.

Despite the accepted dangers, asbestos was broadly acclimated until the 1970s if the government implemented regulations. By that time, millions of American workers and associates of the U.S. aggressive had suffered acknowledgment to asbestos. In some cases, those who were apparent agitated the alarming fibers home on their person, aback advertisement their admired ones as well.

Now, decades later, doctors are seeing a billow in the amount of cases of mesothelioma (Mesothelioma Navy) —a baleful anatomy of lung cancer—in U.S. veterans, abnormally Navy veterans.

Navy Veterans’ Rights

Like all Americans and account members, Navy veterans accept assertive rights including the appropriate to able bloom affliction and, in abounding cases, to advantage for their losses. Unfortunately, these rights are not consistently simple for an alone to accompany —VA hospitals are belled for base affliction these days, and fair advantage is rarely simple to appear by.

If you are a Navy adept who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, you should argue an advocate accomplished in asbestos litigation. You may be advantaged to seek advantage for the abounding losses your ache has caused, including affliction and suffering, medical expenses, and more.

Contact us today for a complimentary, clandestine consultation. One of our accomplished mesothelioma attorneys will be blessed to acknowledgment your questions and acquaint you of your rights and options.

Asbestos Acknowledgment Navy Ships, Mesothelioma Navy, US Veterans Claims

Navy Ships with a History of Asbestos

* USS Leyte (CV-32)

* USS Albacore SS-218

* USS Amberjack SS-219

* USS Angler SS-240

* USS Apogon SS-308

* USS Archer-Fish SS-311

* USS Argonaut SM-1

* USS Argonaut SS-475

* USS Aspro SS-309

* USS Atule SS-403

* USS Balao SS-285

* USS Bang SS-385

* USS Barb SS-220

* USS Barbel SS-316

* USS Barbero SS-317

* USS Barracuda SS-163

* USS Bashaw SS-241

* USS Bergall SS-320

* USS Besugo SS-321

* USS Billfish SS-286

* USS Cowpens CVL 25

* USS Enterprise CV 6

* USS Philippine Sea (CV)

* USS San Jacinto CVL 30

* USS Saratoga CV 3

* USS Saratoga CV

* USS Shangri La CV 38

* USS Alabama BB-60

* USS America

* USS Antietam CV-36

* USS Arizona BB-39

* USS Arkansas BB-33

* USS Badoeng Strait CVE 116

* USS Bairoko CVE-115

* USS Belleau Wood CVL 24

* USS Bennington CV 20

* USS Bon Homme Richard CVA 31

* USS Boxer CV 21

* SS Nevada BB-36

* USS Bunker Hill CV 17

* USS Cabot CVL 28

* USS California BB-44

* USS Colorado BB-45

* USS Constellation CV 64

* USS Coral Sea CV

* USS Corregidor CVE 58

* USS Idaho BB-42

* USS Independence CVL-22

* USS Intrepid CV-11

* USS Iowa BB-61

* USS Kearsarge CV-33

* USS Kitty Hawk

* USS Lake Champlain (CV-39)

* USS Langley (CV-1)

* USS Lexington (CV-2)

* USS Maryland BB-46

* USS Massachusetts BB-59

* USS Midway (CV-41)

* USS Missouri BB-63

* USS New Jersey

* USS New Mexico BB-40

* USS New York BB34

* USS North Carolina BB55

* USS Oklahoma BB37

* USS Pennsylvania BB38

* USS Sable IX

* USS Sicily CVE

* USS Sitkoh Bay

* USS South Dakota BB57

* USS Tarawa CV-40

* USS Tennessee BB43

* USS Texas BB35

* USS Ticonderoga CV-14

* USS Utah BB31

* USS Valley Forge CV

* USS Washington BB56

* USS Wasp CV 18

* USS West Virginia BB-48

* SS Wolverine IX 64

* USS Argonaut SS-475

* USS Aspro SS-309

* USS Atule SS-403

* USS Balao SS-285

* USS Bang SS-385

* USS Barb SS-220

* USS Barbel SS-316

* USS Barbero SS-317

* USS Barracuda SS-163

* USS Bashaw SS-241

* USS Bergall SS-320

* USS Besugo SS-321

* USS Billfish SS-286

* USS Blackfin SS-322

* USS Blackfish SS-221

* USS Blenny SS-324

* USS Blower SS-325

* USS Blueback SS-326

* USS Bluefish SS-222

* USS Bluegill SS-242

* USS Boarfish SS-327

* USS Bonefish SS-223

* USS Bonita SS-165

* USS Bowfin SS-287

* USS Bream SS-243

* USS Brill SS-330

* USS Bugara SS-331

* USS Bullhead SS-332

* USS Bumper SS-333

* USS Burrfish SS-312

* USS Cabezon SS-334

* USS Carbonero SS-337

* USS Hake SS-256

* USS Hammerhead SS-364

* USS Harder SS-257

* USS Hardhead SS-365

* USS Hawkbill SS-366

* USS Hoe SS-258

* USS Icefish SS-367

* USS Jack SS-259

* USS Jallao SS-368

* USS Kete SS-369

* USS Kingfish SS-234

* USS Yorktown CV 10

* USS Yorktown CV 5

Navy Shipyards with a History of Asbestos

# Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

# Kaiser Shipyard Richmond

# Bender Shipbuilding

# Consolidated Shipyard

# Mare Island Naval Shipyard

# Seward Address Drydock

# Bethlehem Shipyard (San Francisco)

# Long Beach Naval Shipyard

# Moore Dry Dock Company

# San Diego Naval Shipyard

# San Francisco Drydock

# Southwest Marine Shipyard, Long Beach

# Southwest Marine Shipyard, San Diego

# Terminal Island Naval Yard

# Todds Shipyard, Los Angeles

# Washington Navy Yard

# Todd Shipyard, San Francisco

# Boston Navy Yard

# Pearl Harbor Shipyard

# Tampa Bay Shipbuilding

# Bollinger Shipyard

# Western Shipyard and Mesothelioma

# Todd Alameda Naval Shipyard

# Vallejo Shipyard

# Todd Shipyard, Oakland

# Todd Shipyard, San Pedro

# Offshore Shipbuilding Inc.

# Defoe Shipbuilding Co.

# U.S. Naval Shipyard (CA)

# Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard

# Charleston Navy Yard

# Key Highway Shipyard

# Fore River Shipyard

# Ingalls Shipbuilding

# New York Shipbuilding

# Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

# Brooklyn Navy Shipyard

# Dyer Shipyard

# Caddell Drydock and Repair

# GMD Shipyard

# American Shipbuilding

# Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

# Newport Naval Yard

# Sun Shipbuilding

# Keppel AmFELS Shipyard, Brownsville

# Barbours Cut Docks

# Bloodworth Bond Shipyard

# Houston Shipyards

# Orange Shipbuilding Co.

# Lyon Shipyard

# Norfolk Naval Shipyard

# Kane Shipbuilding

# Carolina Shipping Company

# Charleston Naval Shipyard

# Detyen's Shipard

# Portland Address Repair Yard

# Swan Island Shipyard

# Willamette Iron & Steel Yard

# Penn Shipbuilding

# Bremerton Naval Shipyard and Asbestos Exposure

# Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

# The Duwamish Shipyard

# The Masco Shipyard

# Lake Union Drydock

# South Portland Shipyard

# Tacoma Boat & Drydock

# The Lockheed Shipyard

# Todd Shipyard, Tacoma

# Todds Shipyard, Seattle

# Colonna's Shipyard

# Kaiser Vancouver Shipyard

# Newport News (Northrop Grumman) Shipbuilding

# NORSHIPCO and Asbestos

# Phillyship Shipyard

# Asbestos Acknowledgment at Shipyards

# Alabama Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Company

# Albina Shipyard

# American Bridge Shipyard

# Shipyard Asbestos Acknowledgment Sites

Navy Ships & Shipyards

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