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NFL Hall of Famer Files Asbestos Suit

NFL Hall of Famer Files Asbestos Suit

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NFL Hall of Famer Files Asbestos Suit

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Merlin Olsen, a standout lineman for the Utah State University football teams and after with the Los Angeles Rams, has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and has filed a accusation adjoin assorted companies claiming that his asbestos acknowledgment was acquired by negligence. Olsen had a arch NFL career, claiming Rookie of the Year ceremoniousness in 1962 and Most Valuable Arresting Player in 1973.

He played fifteen years in the alliance as a arresting lineman, fabricated the Pro Bowl in fourteen of those years and did not absence a individual bold during his able football career. He went on to become a acknowledged sports anchorperson for the NBC television network.

After his retirement from the apple of able sports, Olsen boarded on a acknowledged additional career as an actor. He appeared in the acclaimed television alternation Little Abode on the Prairie, and again played the advance role on the alternation Father Murphy. Additionally, he garnered several endorsement deals that fabricated him agent for a amount of bartering products.

Asbestos Accusation Targets TV Networks & Architecture Industry

In the asbestos action he is adventure he is filing clothing adjoin NBC Studios, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, Sherwin Williams and Lennox Industries for apathy in acceptance his abode acknowledgment to asbestos. It is abnormal for a cine assembly abode or a TV arrangement to face an asbestos claim, but Olsen spent so abundant of his able career with NBC that his attorneys accept they are accurate plaintiffs.

Exposure Could Have Taken Place Over 50 Years Ago

Olsen claims in his clothing that he was affianced to accomplish chiral activity at the age of 10 or 11 and was apparent to asbestos at that time. Later, he was active installing drywall and was apparent to asbestos at that point as well.

He is sixty nine years of age today, so if the acknowledgment as a youngster has resulted in asbestos blight the ache has not apparent affection for over fifty years. Sherwin Williams and Lennox Industries are the acceptable targets of Olsen’s asbestos claims apropos to his plan as a laborer and architecture duke aboriginal in his life.

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NFL Hall of Famer Files Asbestos Suit

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