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Northwest Marine Iron Works

Northwest Marine Iron Works

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Northwest Marine Iron Works

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Some years ago, Northwest Marine Iron Works was the better and oldest address adjustment architect in the Portland, Oregon area. As a above address rebuilding and adjustment facility, Northwest Marine Iron Works had hundreds of shipyard workers canyon through its gates over the years.

Bankruptcy in the 1980s

In 1953, the Portland Shipyard was opened, and Northwest Marine Iron Inc. was one of three contractors amid there. In the 1980s, the Shipyard was accident business and money due to the oil crisis that afflicted the shipbuilding industry worldwide. Northwest Marine Iron Works went bankrupt, and Southwest Marine acquired Northwest Marine in 1989. In 1993, Southwest Marine larboard the Portland Shipyard.

Asbestos Exposure at the Iron Works

Working on ships has complex alive with asbestos back at atomic the aboriginal 1900s. Asbestos is a actual able actual with accomplished insulation and fire-retardant properties, and it was anticipation to be an ideal basic of abounding locations that accomplish up a sea-going vessel, such as the turbines, pumps, and boilers that are present on abounding ships. Asbestos is aswell frequently acclimated in architecture abstracts that end up on ships, such as in walls

During Address Repairs

Unfortunately, asbestos is aswell a awful alarming product. The tiny fibers that asbestos is composed of are calmly appear into the air if an asbestos artefact is abashed в”Ђ for instance, during repairs, or if the artefact has attenuated with age and needs replacing.

Many shipyard workers accept been apparent to baneful levels of asbestos, generally after getting acquainted of accepting done so. Years or decades later, they are getting diagnosed with asbestos-caused diseases like mesothelioma at an alarming rate.

Mesothelioma in Northwest Marine Workers

If you formed at Northwest Marine and accept been diagnosed with mesothelioma or added asbestos-related disease, acquaintance us today. We'll be blessed to acquaint you of your acknowledged options and added assets accessible to you.

Northwest Marine Iron Works
Northwest Marine Iron Works

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