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Ohio Landfill Remains Controversial

Ohio Landfill Remains Controversial

Ohio Landfill Remains Controversial

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A landfill company owned by a former professional football player is under the radar again due to environmental violations namely asbestos disposal.

Andy Russell, who once played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is the owner of A&L Salvage LLC of Lisbon in eastern Ohio.

The company has been criticized and fined for years by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for allegedly harming the environment and surrounding communities.

Residents Claim Physical Harm

The EPA has reportedly issued several violations to A&L throughout the years and claims that the landfill continues to cause a public nuisance.

Several residents living in the surrounding rural community are blaming their headaches, burning eyes and itchy throats on the company.

Local resident, Dora Pound, blamed her chronic eye infection on the constant fumes and unclean air.

“A&L Landfill is a chronic violator. A violator of their caliber can’t be allowed to expand,” stated Roger Pound.

Landfill Contains Asbestos Waste

A&L Landfill is permitted to accept and bury asbestos waste, construction materials and demolition debris.

The state has cited the company several times in recent years for improperly disposing asbestos waste.

According to officials, the old strip mine is being filled daily with tons of asbestos and other debris.

(Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

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Ohio Landfill Remains Controversial

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