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Oregon school district fined for asbestos violations

Oregon school district fined for asbestos violations

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Oregon academy commune fined for asbestos violations

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

The Oregon Department of Ecology Quality (DEQ) has fined a academy commune added than $33,000 for asbestos violations.

Asbestos and Ecology Law Violations

The accomplished for the Jefferson County Academy Commune resulted from an asbestos abatement activity that took abode endure summer. Two commune advisers were aswell cited for ecology law violations, according to

The DEQ claims that commune advisers break removed about 260 aboveboard anxiety of asbestos-containing attic from the school’s kitchen endure summer. This abnormal abatement advance to the absolution of baleful asbestos fibers into the building, which was accessible for summer academy activities, says the DEQ.

Oregon Academy to Address Asbestos Fines and Violations

The Jefferson County Academy Commune affairs to address both the accomplished and violations declared adjoin the two specific employees.

The DEQ acclaimed that it is the academy district’s albatross to accomplish abiding that projects involving asbestos are handled properly.

Ensuring that asbestos is accurately handled during construction, annihilation and advance projects is vital. If the baleful mineral is not appropriately taken affliction of, it can be appear into the air. If one inhales the aerial asbestos fibers, it could potentially could cause asbestosis, mesothelioma blight and lung cancer.

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Oregon school district fined for asbestos violations

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