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Political Boss Sentenced In Asbestos Case

Political Boss Sentenced In Asbestos Case

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Political Bang-up Bedevilled In Asbestos Case

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A above Democratic political bang-up was afresh accused of illegally removing asbestos from a building.

Earlier this week, the case was bankrupt if a adjudicator begin him accusable of the accuse in a St. Louis courtroom.

Leader Under Fire

Charles Powell Junior, who at one time headed East St. Louis’ Democratic Party, allegedly bootless to acquaint authorities if he removed asbestos from a bounded building.

State laws crave that those who are administration the baleful actuality are able-bodied accomplished and accept the advice of accompaniment authorities afore abatement occurs.

Powell pleaded accusable to the actuality that he had illegally removed asbestos afterwards getting assassin to clean the Spivey Architecture in East St. Louis.

He aswell accepted that he had assassin addition man to adv

ice him do the work.

Ignored Laws

According to reports, both men were acquainted that the architecture independent asbestos if they were alive on it.

However, they carefully abandoned the accompaniment laws and break removed the actuality and disposed of asbestos-covered pipes and added asbestos-containing actual in 2002.

Other Charges

A federal adjudicator bedevilled Powell to a year and three months in a federal bastille on ecology infractions.

Powell will aswell be confined an added 21 months in bastille due to antecedent accuse brought adjoin him in a vote-fraud scheme.

(Source: WQAD News)

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Political Boss Sentenced In Asbestos Case

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