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Previous Asbestos Worker Quits

Previous Asbestos Worker Quits

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Previous Asbestos Artisan Quits

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

An ex-asbestos artisan who was active at Deutsche Bank afresh abdicate her job due to the alarming artisan altitude she believes she was alive under.

She claims her bang-up berated her for absent to abrasion asbestos careful gear.

Worker Questions Safety

Helen Rocos was one of the several workers best to plan for the advantageous job of analytic for animal basic bits on the roof of a baneful architecture backward endure spring.

Rocos says her and the added workers were assured that all the asbestos had been removed from the rooftop, so they wore their accustomed plan uniforms as they searched through the bags of gravel.

“They told us to get rid of the asbestos, but as I’m digging, I’m thinking, �How did they magically get rid of all this advantageous clay behind?’” explains Rocos.

Rocos Puts Safety First

On the aboriginal day, Rocos came aback from cafeteria cutting an asbestos affectation and says her Bovis Lend Lease administrator was furious.

Her administrator reportedly told her to abolish the affectation and alleged her a arrogant and troublemaker if she refused.

Rocos didn’t accept all of the alluvium was asbestos chargeless and said it was “insane” how the administrator was acceptance the added workers to analyze through the clay again watching as they got up to accept a donut, beating their fingers.

She aswell claims that if she and the added workers were charwoman asbestos out of the central of the architecture they were prevented from abrasion up because the decontamination units were low on water.

For Rocos, the affectation agitation was the endure harbinger and she abdicate on the spot.

“Those administration were too greedy, apathetic and apathetic to care. They bankrupt rules larboard and right,” says Rocos.

(Source: New York Daily News)

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Previous Asbestos Worker Quits

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