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Record fine in asbestos removal case

Record fine in asbestos removal case

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Record accomplished in asbestos abatement case

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

A Baltimore acreage buyer and a New York annihilation aggregation accept been fined a accumulated $1.3 actor in what Maryland accompaniment admiral are anecdotic as the better amends anytime handed down for abnormal asbestos removal.

Building Buyer and Annihilation Architect Fined for Asbestos Removal

The two-day balloon surrounding the 2007 advance of a Baltimore accommodation architecture resulted in a $115,000 accomplished for the property’s buyer and a $1.2 actor amends for Erie Vera, a annihilation contractor, letters the Baltimore Sun.

According to a 2007 Maryland Department of the Environment inspection, which was prompted by an bearding tip, the six-story architecture independent a ample bulk of break removed asbestos. Some of the baleful mineral had been shoveled down a channel into an accessible air dumpster and the 20 or so workers on the activity did not use respirators or accept able careful equipment.

Contractor Blamed for Asbestos Violations

The architecture owner’s lawyer, Anthony Gorski, told the account antecedent his applicant was blind that Erie Vera had been removing asbestos. He aswell said that the architect was accursed if the violations came to ablaze and has been absurd to locate since.

Asbestos acknowledgment is a above affair in the annihilation and architecture businesses because it can could could cause a amount of baleful lung diseases, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

В« Study examines abeyant new could could cause of mesothelioma

EPA has plan to apple-pie up asbestos in Montana boondocks

Record fine in asbestos removal case

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