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Settlement Reached in Citadel Plaza Asbestos Case

Settlement Reached in Citadel Plaza Asbestos Case
Settlement Reached in Citadel Plaza Asbestos Case

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Community Development Corporation of Kansas City (CDC-KC) was sued for improper removal of asbestos at a construction site after tearing down hundreds of homes in 2006.

A settlement was recently reached and the development company will pay $450,000 for violating Missouri asbestos laws.

Of the settlement money, $100,000 will reportedly go to green initiatives that could change Citadel Plaza from a contaminated site to one of the most visionary environmental projects in the city.

Company Violates Asbestos Laws

When the firm tore down the homes, asbestos was reportedly left in local neighborhoods where children were playing.

The settlement claims that the company failed to:

* Notify the city at least 10 days in advance that the asbestos project was beginning
* Inspect the homes for asbestos prior to demolition
* Keep on the site a person who was trained in asbestos removal

CDC-KC Takes Part in Earth Friendly Project

As part of the settlement, CDC-KC, who is currently working on Citadel Plaza, will be required to use energy efficiency and state-of-the-art national green standards.

“This project is going to have environmental benefits that go beyond the asbestos problem,” explains John Fougere, a spokesman for the Missouri Attorney General, who put the settlement together.

As part of the CDC-KC’s undertaking, they will also be providing grants to remove asbestos from five inner-city homes.

(Source: The Star)

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This entry was posted on Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 at 12:00 am.

Settlement Reached in Citadel Plaza Asbestos Case

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