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South Carolina Asbestos Areas

South Carolina Asbestos Areas
South Carolina Asbestos Areas

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Early in the twentieth aeon South Carolina began to aggrandize above its agronomical abject of affection and tobacco crops. The accompaniment developed a advancing bolt industry and began to allure actinic companies that are activate throughout the south, abnormally area oil development has occurred. The accompaniment aswell took advantage of its bank with the appearance of some shipyard activity, both noncombatant and for the United States Navy.

There was not a lot of abounding industry developed in South Carolina at that time, but as the citizenry and bartering demands grew so did the amount of steam-driven ability plants. All of these accessories fabricated abounding use of asbestos articles for the purpose of calefaction ascendancy and insulation. In an era if asbestos was not accustomed as the almighty carcinogen as it is today, the airy actual with top careful qualities was accepted for both home and bartering use. Railroads and factories acclimated asbestos articles as did steam-driven electrical plants, area calefaction was a botheration for operating employees.

The aftereffect is a abundant amount of jobsites in South Carolina area workers may able-bodied accept been apparent to asbestos on the job. Breathing asbestos fibers from architecture dust or just old, crumbling insulation was a hazard throughout the country continued afore it was accustomed as such. Malignant mesothelioma is the a lot of baleful aftereffect of asbestos acknowledgment – a anatomy of blight that attacks the lungs and the belly cavity.

It takes years, even decades to advance afterwards asbestos exposure, which is why abounding South Carolinians who formed at jobsites such as those listed beneath are just now getting diagnosed with asbestos-caused cancer. Humans who accept suffered from asbestos acknowledgment are advantaged to compensation; if you or a ancestors affiliate formed at any of these sites and are now abounding with asbestosis or mesothelioma cancer, acquaintance a South Carolina mesothelioma advocate who will see to it that your claims are filed and dealt with quickly.

Asbestos Jobsites in South Carolina

Owens Corning Fiberglass Aiken, SC

Dupont Aiken, AC

Allendale Wool Aiken, SC

Carolina Ability & Light Anderson, SC

Dow Actinic Anderson, SC

Duke Siding Anderson, SC

Eastman Kodak Anderson, SC

Monsanto Actinic Anderson, SC

Owens Corning Fiberglass Anderson, SC

Stauffer Actinic Anderson, SC

South Carolina Electric & Gas Beech Island, SC

Kimberly Clark Corp. Beech Island, SC

Daniel Architecture Beech Island, SC

Berea Industrial Park – Carolina Eastman Berea, SC

Berea Industrial Park – Railroad Station Berea, SC

Covil Insulation Co. Berea, SC

Kendall Co. Bethune, SC

Magnolia Finishing Plant Blacksburg, SC

Pacolet Yarns Blacksburg, SC

Pacolet Manufacturing Co. Blacksburg, SC

U.S. Naval Abject Buford, SC

Rocky River Plant Calhoun Falls, SC

Dupont Actinic Camden, SC

May Plant Camden, SC

South Carolina Electric & Gas Canadys, SC

Bowater Carolina Corp. Catawba, SC

Champion Paper Plant Catawba, SC

American Enka Central, SC

Avco Lycoming Charleston, SC

Berkeley Square Shopping Centermost Charleston, SC

Chevron Charleston, SC

Charleston Naval Shipyard Charleston, SC

Detyens Shipyard Charleston, SC

Denton Shipyard Charleston, SC

Duke Energy Charleston, SC

Exxon Charleston, SC

Niles Manufacturing Co. Charleston, SC

Port Park Naval Abject Charleston, SC

Naval Supply Depot Charleston, SC

J.R. Deans Co. Charleston, SC

Niles Manufacturing Co. Charleston, SC

North Brothers Inc. Charleston, SC

South Carolina Manufacturing Charleston, SC

Stafford Insulation Co. Charleston, SC

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Charleston, SC

Westinghouse Turbine Charleston, SC

Bearing Distributors Charleston Heights, SC

Port Park Charleston Heights, SC

Seaboard Railroad Charleston Heights, SC

Coca-Cola Cheraw, SC

Montgomery Mills Chesnee, SC

Spartan Mills Chesnee, SC

Clearwater Finishing Plant Clearwater

Celotex Clemson, SC

Clemson University Clemson, SC

Excelsior Textiles Clemson, SC

Imperial Manufacturing Clemson, SC

C.B. Metals Co. Clinton, SC

Camden Top School College Spur, SC

Catlin Parish College Spur, SC

Columbia College College Spur, SC

Duke Ability College Spur, SC

Great Falls Top School College Spur, SC

Marshall Plant College Spur, SC

Mayfair Mills College Spur, SC

Riegel Paper College Spur, SC

Sonoco Engineering College Spur, SC

U.S. Rubber Co. College Spur, SC

Whitten Village College Spur, SC

York Co. College Spur, SC

Allied Actinic Columbia, SC

Bonitz Insulation Co. Columbia, SC

Carolina Eastman Columbia, SC

Catlin Parish Columbia, SC

Eastman Co. Columbia, SC

Fort Jackson Columbia, SC

South Carolina Electric & Gas Columbia, SC

Seaboard Park Columbia, SC

U.S. Rubber Co. Columbia, SC

North Brothers, Inc. Columbia, SC

Central Electric Ability Coop. Conway, SC

Collins & Aikman Corp. Cowpens, SC

Dixiana Mills Dillon, SC

Dupont Dunbarton, SC

Monsanto Actinic East Greenwood, SC

Carolina Eastman Eastman, SC

South Carolina Industries Kraft Linerboard Plant Florence, SC

Union Carbide – Daniel Architecture Florence, SC

Dupont Florence, SC

Smurfit Stone Container Enterprises Inc. Florence, SC

Hoechst Fibers Plant Forster, SC

Hystron Fibers Plant Forster, SC

Fort Jackson Fort Jackson, SC

Sligh Plumbing & Heating Fort Jackson, SC

Wylie Ability Plant Fort Mill, SC

Furman Plant Fountain Inn, SC

Gaffney Top School Gaffney, SC

Southern Railway Gaffney, SC

Georgetown Veneer Co. Georgetown, SC

International Paper Co. Georgetown, SC

South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. Goose Creek, SC

Graniteville Manufacturing Co. Graniteville, SC

American Enka Greenville, SC

Berea Industrial Park Greenville, SC

Bahan Bolt Greenville, SC

Champion Paper Greenville, SC

Covil Insulation Co. Greenville, SC

Daniel International Greenville, SC

Delta Mills Greenville, SC

Fibers International Greenville, SC

Furman University Greenville, SC

General Electric Greenville, SC

White House Mill Greenville, SC

Kendall Mill Greenville, SC

Monsanto Actinic Co. Greenville, SC

Nylon Industries, Inc. Greenville, SC

Skyland Ability Plant Greenville, SC

Union Bleachery Greenville, SC

Weyerhauser Co. Greenville, SC

Chemstrand Greenwood, SC

Greenwood Mills Mathews Plant Greenwood, SC

Monsanto Greenwood, SC

Westinghouse Plant Hampton, SC

Little Giant Cement Company Harleyville, SC

Carolina Ability & Light – Progress Energy Hartsville, SC

H.B. Robinson Hartsville, SC

Sonoco Paper Hartsville, SC

Duke Energy Nuclear Plant Henry, SC

B.F. Goodrich Co. Honea Path, SC

South Carolina Electric & Gas – Daniel Architecture Co, Inness, SC

Carolina Ability & Light – Progress Energy Irmo, SC

Allied Actinic & Dye – National Aniline Division Irmo, SC

Allied Actinic Columbia Plant Irmo, SC

SLN & L Railroad Irmo, SC

Fort Jackson Jackson, SC

Joanna Affection Mill Joanna, SC

LaFrance Industries LaFrance, SC

Grace Bleachery Lancaster, SC

Spring Affection Mills Lancaster, SC

Manetta Mills Lando, SC

Bowater Co. Leslie, SC

W.A. Lamans Lugoff, SC

Dupont Lugoff, SC

J.P. Stevens McCormick, SC

McCormick Mills Corp. McCormick, SC

Milliken Mills McCormick, SC

South Carolina Electic & Gas Co. Middleton, SC

Aerocox Corp. Myrtle Beach, SC

Duke Ability Oconee Nuclear Plant Newry, SC

Southern Brick Co. Ninety Six, SC

American Enka – Clemson Plant Norris, SC

Stafford Insulation Co. North Charleston, SC

Westvaco Paper North Charleston, SC

South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. North Wateree, SC

Fabric Services Inc. Orangeburg, SC

Greenwood Mills Orangeburg, SC

Ethyl Corp. Orangeburg, SC

Wannamaker Actinic Orangeburg, SC

Pacolet Affection Mill Pacolet, SC

Marsh Plywood Corp. Pamplico, SC

Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, SC

South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. Parr, SC

Duke Ability Pelzer, SC

Milliken Mills Pendleton, SC

Excelsior Finishing Pendleton, SC

South Carolina Public Service Authority Pinopolis, SC

Parris Island Steam Distribution System Port Royal, SC

North Brothers, Inc. Port Royal, SC

Bowater Rock Hill, SC

Celanese Fibers Corp. Rock Hill, SC

Champion Paper Rock Hill, SC

Winthrop University Rock Hill, SC

Georgia Pacific Corp. Russellville, SC

Duke Ability (Progress Energy) Jocassee Plant Salem, SC

Jocassee Ability Plant Salem, SC

Duke Ability CO. – Oconee Nuclear Plant Seneca, SC

National Distillers & Actinic Seneca, SC

Quantum Actinic Seneca, SC

Sirocco Seneca, SC

Ashland Oil, Inc. South Charleston, SC

Nylon Industries South Greenville, SC

Alexandria Dyers & Finishing Spartanburg, SC

Andrew Bearing Plant Spartanburg, SC

Drayton Affection Mill Spartanburg, SC

Celanese Actinic Spartanburg, SC

Covil Insulation Co. Spartanburg, SC

Garrett Engineering Co. Spartanburg, SC

Hercules Inc. Spartanburg, SC

Hoescht Celanese Fibers Spartanburg, SC

Hystron Fibers Spartanburg, SC

North Brothers, Inc. Spartanburg, SC

Pet Milk Plant Spartanburg, SC

Spartanburg Top School Spartanburg, SC

University of South Carolina Spartanburg, SC

Wofford College Spartanburg, SC

Central Laundry Accompaniment Park, SC

Southern Mill Supply Co. Summerville, SC

Campbell Soup Co. Sumter, SC

Exide Battery CO. Sumter, SC

Southern Bleachery & Printworks Inc. Taylors, SC

Carotell Paperboard Corporation Taylors, SC

Benfrew Bleachery Travelers Rest, SC

Abney Mills Travelers Rest, SC

Torrington Bearing Co. Walhalla, SC

Walhalla Affection Mill Walhalla, SC

Delta Finishing Co. Wallace, SC

Regal Textiles Ware Shoals, SC

South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. Wateree, SC

Wateree Steam Plant Wateree, SC

Dunlop Rubber Co. Westminster, SC

Oconee Mills Westminster, SC

Duke Ability – Lee Steam Plant Williamston, SC

Duke Ability – Catawba Ability Plant York, SC

Springs Industries Bleachery York, SC

Asbestos Deaths in South Carolina

In 2004 a non-profit ecology alignment absolution a absolute abstraction of deaths acquired by asbestos beyond this country, during the years 1979-2001. Over this aeon asbestos was acknowledged, finally, to be a chancy carcinogen that afflicted humans through inhalation. The abstraction developed abstracts about the amount of deaths acquired by asbestosis and mesothelioma over that aeon and presented them torn out by state. For a accompaniment with basal abounding industry, South Carolina was adequately top on the account – ranked 22nd a part of states for asbestos accompanying deaths. Asbestosis acquired 308 asbestosis deaths over the aeon scrutinized in the study; the cessation for mesothelioma deaths was a ambit amid 326 and 556.

The acumen for the ambit is the actuality that the federal government did not activate to clue mesothelioma deaths until 1999. The analysts on the abstraction developed their abstracts based on letters of asbestos-related blight and assumptions that lung blight associated with continued time asbestos acknowledgment ability able-bodied accept been pleural mesothelioma cancer. During the aeon from 1999 canal 2004 the government appear 177 mesothelioma deaths in South Carolina.

Mesothelioma Analysis in South Carolina

The National Blight Institute has articular forty one arresting blight analysis and analysis accessories beyond the country that will accept federal abutment for accommodating blight research. All of them are arresting blight centers now and are acceptable candidates for analytic trials of abeyant new treatments for abounding types of cancer, including mesothelioma. The abutting such centers to South Carolina are in North Carolina:


UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Blight Center

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

102 Mason Farm Rd.,

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-7295

Tel: (919) 966-3036

Fax: (919) 966-3015

Duke Comprehensive Blight Center

Duke University Medical Center

Durham, North Carolina 27710

Tel: (919) 684-5613

Fax: (919) 684-5653

Wake Forest Comprehensive Blight Center

Medical Centermost Boulevard

Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27157

Tel: (336) 716-7971

Fax: (336) 716-0293

In South Carolina there is a admired blight centermost at:

Hollings Blight Center

Medical University of South Carolina

86 Jonathan Lucas Street

Charleston, SC 29425

(843) 792-7813

South Carolina Asbestos Areas

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