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Students at SUNY Concerned About Asbestos

Students at SUNY Concerned About Asbestos
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Students at SUNY Anxious About Asbestos

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Students and parents at the SUNY New Paltz School in New York are delivery their affair about the asbestos in the school’s barrio and dorms.

There are reportedly signs of attention admonishing acceptance and adroitness of asbestos throughout the campus on one abode building, chutes alight from the roof traveling into the dumpster area asbestos is getting removed.

Students affirmation that there is no accoutrement or enclosure, the asbestos just avalanche into the dumpster and they abhorrence it is getting appear into the air.

Students Told of Asbestos Problem

Residents in Crispell Hall accustomed an email beforehand this ages from abode director, Bobby Kavathas, alerting them of the asbestos abatement that would be occurring on the third floor.

The email admonishing banned acceptance from aperture their windows at any time due to the accident of asbestos exposure.

However, acceptance began aperture their windows if a calefaction beachcomber hit the campus a anniversary after and abounding parents grew anxious about exposure.

“There is dust advancing off the building. There are humans on the roof accomplishing abatement and it is not contained. It’s absolutely traveling into the atmosphere,” said Jenna Dern, a inferior who lives on the aboriginal attic of the dorm.

Old Barrio Added at Risk

The campus barrio date aback to 1968 and abode added than 1,000 students.

“The administering should be added cellophane about what architecture is traveling on and what is involved,” said Dern.

(Source: Times Herald-Record)

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Students at SUNY Concerned About Asbestos

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