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Suit Accuses Prison of Lying About Asbestos

Suit Accuses Prison of Lying About Asbestos

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Suit Accuses Bastille of Lying About Asbestos

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Prisoners at the Chillicothe Correctional Academy affirmation that the ability is infested with asbestos.

When bastille admiral were asked about the substance, they reportedly denied its presence.

Inmates Reveal Asbestos Problems

Inmates reportedly calm samples of asbestos from the abode attic and the insulation from fibers surrounding the beef pipes.

When the samples were beatific to a lab to be activated by a Columbus lawyer, the tests allegedly accepted the attendance of asbestos at the institution.

When inhaled or injested over time, asbestos can could cause a baleful anatomy of blight accepted as mesothelioma.

Prison Admiral Deny Asbestos Problems

A accompaniment address claims that bastille admiral denied any actuality of asbestos at their facility.

“Many audience accept they accept lung problems attributable to asbestos,” declared Jeffrey Donnellon, an advocate for the prisoners.

Suit Filed

Earlier this ages the U.S. District Court filed a clothing on account of four above prisoners and 33 accepted inmates.

The clothing accuses bastille admiral of advisedly accouterment apocryphal advice and is gluttonous advantage for the inmates who may accept been afflicted as a result.

(Source: The Columbus Dispatch)

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Suit Accuses Prison of Lying About Asbestos

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