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Teens reportedly made to remove asbestos

Teens reportedly made to remove asbestos

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Teens reportedly fabricated to abolish asbestos

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Three California men who allegedly had boyish acceptance plan with asbestos are adverse bent accuse as a result.

Non-profit Architecture Aggregation Exposes Acceptance to Asbestos

Patrick Bowman, Joseph Cuellar and Rudy Buendia run Close Build, which is a non-profit architecture training company. Under an acceding with the Merced County Appointment of Education, acceptance formed with the close and were fabricated to breach down an old architecture at Castle Air Force Base as allotment of a project.

Eighty acceptance are believed to accept alternate in the project, which was declared to be handled by accountant professionals. The commune advocate says the accused men knew this but still had the adolescence yield the architecture down after the account of able equipment. Now all three are adverse 10 abomination charges, including adolescent endangerment.

The Merced County of Appointment Education says it was blind of the activities.

“We’re not abiding what happened. We’ll go through our own analysis process, see what that turns up and we’ll absolutely abet with the D.A.’s office,” agent Nathan Quevedo told CBS47.

Asbestos acknowledgment presents a austere crisis as assimilation of the mineral in its dust anatomy can could cause a ambit of austere bloom issues, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

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Teens reportedly made to remove asbestos

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