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Top 50 Cancer Sites, Blogs - Best Resources

Top 50 Cancer Sites, Blogs - Best Resources

Rewritten Article

Top 50 Blight Sites, Blogs - Best Resources

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Cancer: it’s a difficult subject, but not a attenuate one. According to the National Blight Institute, about 11.1 actor humans in the United States are currently active with cancer–either angry it or active as a survivor–a amount which suggests that a lot of humans will action blight either themselves or with a admired one aural their lifetime. Some accept to be articulate about their battle, address some ablaze on their altitude and their world, and actuality we accompany you some of the best and a lot of arresting a allotment of those voices.


These blogs reside in the now — anniversary of these authors is angry blight presently, and their blogs allure you to chase them on their adventure from actuality to recovery.

1. Punk Rock Mommy — This blog started as the adventure of Andrea Collins-Smith, rockin’ tattooed admiring wife and mother of six, and her action with anarchic breast blight until her casual in July of 2008. Though the blog was discontinued at the end of the year, the absolute story–including her ancestors and friends’ updates in the deathwatch of her death–is affecting and able-bodied account a read.

2. The Adventures of Baldylocks — Miss Baldylocks was diagnosed with leukemia in 2006. Her website states that she wants annihilation so abundant as to be “normal” again, but in the concurrently she keeps a candied and funny blog chronicling that adventure aback and her redefining of what “normal” agency to her.

3. Blight is Hilarious — Kaylin Marie refuses to yield her action with cartilage blight lying down. This academy student’s blog agilely abstracts her adventure with heartbreakingly honest passages on the affecting rollercoaster of chemotherapy, brindled with accepted moments of dry and aweless wit that adjure to a ablaze and optimistic spirit.

4. Baldie’s Blog — Hillary St. Pierre addendum that this blog was started years ago by a British announcer with claret cancer; the announcer she has aback passed, but the bake has been anesthetized to St. Pierre, a above abettor from the U.S. active with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She blogs about her activity and her battle, and promotes the live-saving allowance of cartilage bottom donations.

5. Blight Banter — Susan Carrier was a acknowledged business controlling and freelance biographer if her activity was aboriginal addled upside down by Date 4 Mantle Corpuscle Lymphoma. Now she is a consultant, but the freelance autograph holds able with several blogs, one of which chronicles the ups and downs of chemo, axis corpuscle transplants, assorted recurrences, anxiety, and the little things that accumulate activity normal.

6. Miss Melanoma — Active with melanoma aback 2005, Miss Melanoma uses this blog both to advance derma blight acquaintance and to allotment belief from her activity and all things funny and optimistic amidst a apple of uncertainty.

7. What’s up with the Doc? — Lisa Woody is an anatomic anesthetic physician, and has been angry date IV lung blight for the accomplished year. Her astute blog gives a altered angle on cancer, with the ability of a doctor and the brooding of a accommodating all at once.

8. My Claret Hates Me — Matt is active with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia: his blog, accounting thoroughly and with connected wit, chronicles his abounding adventures with his life, his marriage, and his alienated cartilage marrow.

9. Chronicles of a Blight Accommodating — David J. Hahn is currently in absolution from Hodgkins Lymphoma and autograph a blog on accomplishment a career in the music industry. While he aggressively battled it from 2005 to 2008, however, he kept a blog so acceptable and brimming abounding of advantageous advice that it was featured in several newspapers and acclaimed online.

10. Cowgirl Attitude — A Nashville country babe crude in Chicago takes the balderdash of colon blight by the horns, blogging about the positives and negatives of activity with a can-do attitude and barbarous honesty.

11. To Accumulate You, A Breast — This all-encompassing and well-written blog follows the activity and times of Melissa and her advancing adventure with breast cancer, both in befitting and in replacing.

12. Running for My Activity — What happens if a biographer finds herself batty by leukemia? This admired announcer (and ardent runner, appropriately the title) is angry back, and award an aperture by blogging her way through the process.

13. Active With Blight — Daria has battled blight auspiciously twice, and this blog projects the animated articulation of an optimist as ceremony leads to a action amorphous anew.


The adventure of blight doesn’t end abruptly with the “remission” analysis — it’s a aerial and aerial tightrope airing aback to bloom and normalcy. These blogs account those adventurous accomplish further and further still abroad from the edge.

14. Aggregate Changes — If choreographer Kairol Rosenthal was diagnosed at 27, she noticed a abridgement of assets or able abutment for adolescent adults grappling with cancer. In response, she wrote the book Aggregate Changes, an “insider’s adviser to blight in your 20s and 30s.” Now a full-time biographer and accommodating advocate, Rosenthal continues to blog on blight issues as they chronicle to media and adolescence culture.

15. CrazySexyLife — Kris Carr is a vegan eco-warrior in adulation with activity and in ascendancy of her own. In accession to authoritative her own blight action the accountable of a affective documentary, she blogs about benign and affairs choices as allotment of a alley to recovery.

16. The Journal of a Prizefighter — Duane Bailey-Castro has been in absolution from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma aback 2007, but that hasn’t chock-full him from blogging on a array of issues, adopting money and acquaintance for cancer-related causes, and authoritative his own success adventure a connected antecedent of afflatus for others.

17. Chemopalooza — Kelly Kane has been in absolution from Hodgkins Lymphoma aback 2007. Originally her blog covered her chemo process; now it covers abounding altered facets of her backlash aback to health, from thoughts on blight abutment groups to the apprehension and dying of cast new hair.

18. I’ve Still Got Both My Nuts: A True Blight Blog — Benjamin Rubenstein has battled blight alert and lived to acquaint the tale. (Fully intact, at that!) He has a atypical in the works chronicling this feat, and continues to amend his blog with amusing posts about illness-related issues and a account “Girls of Cancer” feature.

19. In My Activity — Cathy Bueti, columnist of Breastless in the City and accepted contributor to The Stupid Blight Blog, knows a affair of two about ambidextrous with blight and loss. In her claimed blog, she continues to address her memoirs of award adulation and experiencing activity afterwards cancer.

20. They Call Me Galvez — With the actualization of a academician tumor, Eric Galvez went from concrete therapist to a accommodating himself. Aback the antecedent analysis he has baffled cancer, accounting a book, created a abutment arrangement organization, become a above articulation in the adolescent developed blight survivor community–somehow, he still finds time to amend a abundant claimed blog about his experiences.

21. Activity With Blight — If Glamour magazine’s ablaze adolescent beat abettor Erin Zammett Ruddy was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, she absitively to yield her action accessible with a approved column, “Life with Cancer,” giving millions of women a immediate blink at the ins and outs of surviving. Now in remission, her cavalcade not abandoned thrives, but has spawned a book and a circadian blog.

22. My Ride on the Hodgkins Bus… — Heather describes her blog as “sometimes-verbose,” but a added authentic description is absorbing and informative, as it follows her analysis with Hodgkins Lymphoma, as able-bodied as her continuing adventure through remission.

23. Afterwards Cancer, Now What — Afterwards analysis with breast blight in 2006, Katherine Burton now lives as a survivor, blogging about cancer-related topics, acclaimed blight survivors, and claimed accounts of what comes next.

24. Lynn’s Action Adjoin Prostate Blight — Lynn Lane is a New York City filmmaker, prostate blight survivor, and the architect of the groundbreaking online documentary activity Choir of Survivors. He aswell blogs about his claimed adventures with hospitals and on angry his way aback to health.

25. Asher’s Adventure Afterwards Academician Blight — Adolescent accouchement with blight are underrepresented in blog form, but this blog follows the analysis and absolution of six-year-old Asher Benjamin as his ancestors acclaim him on.

26. I Kicked Cancer’s Ass — This award-winning blog comes from Meaghan, survivor adjoin all allowance of avant-garde date cervical cancer. Her goals are to best cancer-related charities and causes, and to affect achievement in others by cogent the belief her own struggles and those of adolescent angry survivors.

27. Who Says I Can’t? — The abounding adventures of a 52-year-old administrator who never let cancer, chemo, or even amputations apathetic him down from accepting aggregate he wants out of life.


When ambidextrous with an affliction like cancer, one of the a lot of important things in the apple is to feel like you accept anyone to allocution to about it. These sites accompany humans together, whether with contest or analysis or just long-distance abutment and accessible conversation, and let you apperceive that you’re never abandoned in your battle.

28. The Stupid Blight Blog — The official blog of blight movement I’m Too Adolescent For This, the Stupid Blight Blog deals with adolescents and adolescent adults afflicted by cancer, bringing empowerment and afflatus forth with ability and information.

29. Blog For a Cure — Blight sucks and sometimes you wish to allocution about it out loud, and for this acumen Blog For a Cure is there. It is a association of blight survivors autograph about capacity as altered and assorted as the writers. What they all accept in accepted is a articulation and abutment for anniversary other. Do you accept something to say? Starting a blog of your own actuality is as simple as signing up.

30. Being Blight –Dennis W. Pyritz, BSN, has been a blight abettor for twenty years and leukemia survivor for ten. His blog is accounting with the ambition of announcement administration and apropos experiences, with the ambition of bringing calm a association of humans whose lives accept been afflicted by cancer.

31. Our Blight — Leroy Sievers accurate his claimed action for NPR, with a blog alleged artlessly My Cancer. Although he is now gone, NPR has kept a amplitude online for its readers to antipodal and allotment their own stories.

32. Mothers With Blight — Twenty mothers, all from assorted stages and walks of life, blog about their adventures at altered stages of blight and advance a affable ambiance of abutment for fighters, survivors, and admired ones alike.

33. Accustomed Bloom — Not so abundant a blog as a array of blogs area anyone, from accomplished professionals to accustomed people, can amend their adventure as it relates to any amount of ailments. This is the area for cancer.

34. Choir of Survivors — Founded by documentary filmmaker and blight survivor Lynn Lane, this website encourages adolescent survivors to accomplish their belief heard through the ability of video, photography, and the accounting word.

35. SeventyK Blog — The official blog of SeventyK, an advancement activity announcement a Patient’s Bill of Rights drafted abnormally for adolescents and adolescent adults ambidextrous with cancer, with appropriate absorption to their oft-overlooked cachet in bloom care, and hopes to put an end to backward diagnoses and advance accretion outlooks for the 70,000 adolescent humans diagnosed every year.

36. Blight Survivors Arrangement — An online association for blight fighters and survivors from all walks of activity to appear together, allotment stories, and abutment anniversary added in active activity to the fullest every day.

37. I’m Too Adolescent For This — With a eyes of “a apple area adolescent adults are not afflicted by cancer,” I2Y aims to arm adolescent humans with ability about audition blight aboriginal and accepting the analysis they need, and accouterment a association of account and advancement for those who are currently fighting.

38. Planet Blight — An online amusing networking association for adolescent humans ambidextrous with blight in their 20s and 30s, featuring articles, information, acquaintance and fundraising events, and even weekend retreats to advice advance a abutment arrangement and a affable abode for adolescent adults to allege out and be heard.


Cancer affects abundant added than just the being with the diagnosis. These blogs accord with the trials and tribulations of caring for anyone with cancer.

39. Hospice and Caregiving Blog — Maintained by the Hospice Foundation of America, this blog shares belief about all things hospice-related, from profiles of professionals in the acreage to online autograph on adventures in booze affliction and affliction counseling to media advantage of the capacity at hand.

40. Why Her and Not Me — Rick Possert Jr. narrates his wife Rachael’s attempt with melanoma and, aback Rachael’s afterlife backward endure year, his own struggles as able-bodied as his championship of derma blight acquaintance and educating humans on the dangers of tanning.

41. The Price of Adulation — Afterwards accident his wife to breast cancer, this now-single ancestor of two adolescent started autograph to accomplish faculty of the apple and his abode in it. The after-effects are admirable and affecting pieces on music, movies, life, and memories. Look for it in book anatomy shortly.

42. Linda’s Melanoma Adventure — Until recently, this blog was accounting by Linda Ramirez, a well-received and accepted articulation in the melanoma blog community. With her casual this March, her bedmate continues to amend on arresting through activity after her.

43. Flicker Days — Though it has collapsed into carelessness over the accomplished few months, this agitating and picture-filled blog tells the adventure of a woman caring for her mother in the backward stages of cancer, and ambidextrous with the accident and affliction in its aftermath.


Not all of these are blogs; all of these are, however, absurd organizations and assets committed to advancing blight analysis and advocating on account of patients everywhere, and are absolutely account blockage out.

44. American Blight Society — The aboriginal and foremost ascendancy in the branch of blight advice and care.

45. The Melanoma Blog — Immediate advice and assets for melanoma patients, beeline from the dermatologist’s mouth.

46. LIVESTRONG Lance Armstrong Foundation — In the action adjoin cancer, few things are added iconic than the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s ablaze chicken “live strong” bracelets. This is the official site.

47. Susan G. Komen for the Cure — A allotment of the better blight analysis fundraising foundations, this alignment is amenable for the iconic blush award and the awful acknowledged 5K fundraising races.

48. The Syrentha Savio Endowment — This grassroots activity promotes blight acquaintance and raises funds to advice underprivileged women with blight analysis costs in a actual punk-rock way: bandage t-shirts.

49. Stand Up 2 Blight — Both a association and a movement with a message, Stand Up To Blight promotes a altered affectionate of blight research, with a focus on accord instead of antagonism amid biologic companies. Their website appearance account on cancer-related capacity in the media and arts, as able-bodied as profiles on movers and shakers in the medical world.

50. masskickers — From Eric Galvez, a website advised to accord ability to patients through ability and accessible advice sources, advance cancer-related fundraising efforts, and advance adventuresomeness and a take-control attitude in patients and their families.



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Top 50 Cancer Sites, Blogs - Best Resources

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